DualShockers Community PlayDate: Destiny Beta

By Joel Taveras

July 17, 2014

Judging from the feedback our Destiny coverage has been receiving, it’s clear that the DualShockers community (we still don’t have an official name for you guys) is excited for the upcoming beta and full title this fall. With that in mind I thought this would be the the perfect to time to bring everyone in our community… a little closer.

The Destiny Beta is coming out for both last gen and current gen consoles, so virtually everyone can get into the action. Unfortunately, things like work, school, significant others and family obligations can interfere with being able to enjoy a team based experience like Destiny with your friends. Sometimes things can get so busy it’s hard enough to have time for gaming, let alone trying to schedule a time when your buddies are available as well.

So let’s make some more friends, shall we? I’m inviting community members (who would like to participate) to exchange information in the comment section of this post. In your comment, be sure to include your PSN name or Xbox Live Gamertag (or both?), platform, and general availability. Also, the whole point behind this is to be social, so don’t be “that guy,” make sure you have a microphone of some sort to communicate. The DualShockers staff info will be located at the bottom of this post, use that as a reference on how to share your info in the comments.

As a reminder, everyone in here should be sharing their excitement for the Beta so let’s keep it fun but also on topic and about the game in the comments. Lets not concern ourselves with the platform it’s being played on.

DualShockers Staff Info ( of those participating so far):

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Joel Taveras – Deputy Editor: N-M-E | PS4 | weeknights after 10pm EST

Al Zamora – Senior Editor: Taz8080 | PS4 | weeknights after 10pm EST

Giuseppe Nelva – News Editor: AbriaelIT on PS4 & Abriael on Xbox One | Every evening after 8pm EST

Tony Polanco – Staff Writer: Romudeth | PS4 | Thu – Tue after 9pm EST, Wed after 11pm EST

Jorge Jimenez – Staff Writer: Gruff2kx on PS4 and Gruff Teh Hoss on Xbox One | Wed – Fridays after 9pm EST,

Erika Garcia – Asst. Community Manager: Erykah_badont | PS4 | Weekdays after 1030-11

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