DualShockers Community Playdate: Let’s Raid!

on September 21, 2017 3:27 PM

This week’s DualShockers Community Playdate is taking us all the way to the Raid!

Join the DualShockers staff and community tonight!

  • Marvel! At six people choking down pure liquid rage about who who is and who isn’t doing their job.
  • See! Those same six people gradually start to question “whether or not you even watched the Raid guide video before showing up?”
  • Wonder! “If we should just wipe and retry? I think this one might be a wipe.”
  • Win! Some awesome gear, games and prizes for sticking around!

Here’s one of our most recent winners:

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And while we’re mentioning prizes:

Summer may be coming to an end, don’t forget that we’re giving away a free console of your choice at the end of the month. Find out all about that giveaway here.

Scott Meaney is the Community Director for DualShockers. You can find him pretty much all the time on twitter, facebook, twitch and in the official DualShockers Discord channel.