DualShockers Has a Brand New Look to Celebrate our 10th Anniversary

We are always growing and modernizing, but we need feedback from readers on what works and what doesn't work in our latest UX design.

Hey everyone, long time no chat! This is Lou Contaldi, Editor-in-Chief of DualShockers and I’m looking for your help.

If you’ve been a frequent reader, you may have noticed that DualShockers design looked… dated. Not much has changed since when DualShockers first started in 2009. While it may be a streamlined way to get to all the latest news, we sometimes manage to write so much that barely anyone can see our original content or the biggest stories of the day. Even worse, plenty of new faces that stop by are essentially just a “news feed” instead of a source of original content ourselves.

Thanks to the hard work of our technical staff and some outside contract work, we are introducing a new UX design to kick off what will be DualShockers’ decade anniversary. DualShockers is turning 10 in 2019, and we want it to be our biggest year ever.

Our new design choice comes from a ton of different sources — but mostly wanting to bring back the glory days of old-school gaming magazines that we grew up on. PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power, EGM. All of them played an essential role here. Not only are we changing the text, but layouts allow for a bit more graphics.

An important note though, this isn’t the final product! We are launching it out and building on it from here, including incorporating suggestions from the people we care most about: you.

Take user camnpat here (sorry for the shoutout):

This is the open and honest feedback we like, and we need more of. We’ve already got a ton of feedback on the images and the ease to get straight to news. Once we squash a few bugs, we are getting right to work on bringing some of your suggestions to life. But sound off in the comment section below if you have any suggestions on how we can improve or just tend to hate change (I’m in the latter).

If you are digging elements about the new design, also let us know what those are. For instance, DualShockers community MVP Redfire had some nice things to say about the new mobile layout:

As we roll out with our new layout and UX, we want everyone to know we are open ears. Whether it is praise, bugs, suggestions or just griping about the old design, we want to hear it and let you be a part of building this site that you frequent so much. You can do that in the Comment section below, or the DualShockers Discord.

Here’s to 10 strong years of DualShockers, and (with good fortune) another 10 years more!

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Lou Contaldi

Lou Contaldi specializes in both reviews and the business behind gaming. He began writing about tech and video games while getting his Juris Doctor at Hofstra University School of Law. He is maybe the only gaming journo based in Nashville, TN.

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