Halloween Horror Bracket — Who is the Best Horror Video Game Character?

Halloween Horror Bracket — Who is the Best Horror Video Game Character?

Mr. X, Lisa, The Witch, Waluigi...who is the best horror video game character? Find out in our latest DualShockers Discussion for Halloween.

Halloween is finally here, and obviously, this year is probably going to look a bit different. Sure, there won’t be as much trick or treating or costume parties (hopefully), but even in the cursed year of 2020, you can still celebrate All Hallows’ Eve with a great horror game. Of course, there are plenty of them to go around, which might leave you asking: who is the best character from a horror video game? Leave that to us to answer.

To celebrate Halloween, the DualShockers staff assembled to discuss who really is the top character from a horror video game the old fashioned way: through a good old bracket. We picked 32 of the most iconic and memorable characters from horror games–Mr. X, Lisa, Jason Voorhees, Waluigi, and more–to face off against one another for the title.

You can check out the full video below, which features Logan Moore (Managing Editor), Mario Rivera (Video Manager), Ryan Meitzler (Features Editor), Michael Ruiz (Contributor), Ricky Frech (Senior Staff Writer), and Peter Hunt Szpytek (Video Editor):

Naturally we used science–which in this case involved mostly yelling and one instance of Rule 34–to make our picks between some challenging horror mash-ups. Ultimately we did wind up with a winner, but you’ll have to watch to find out who really is the King or Queen of Horror video games.

Of course, if you want to show us your picks for the best horror character in a video game, you can use the blank version of our bracket below:


For Halloween today, we also have plenty of other spooky tricks and treats you can check out. You can sound off in our Insta-Forum on horror games to see the community’s picks for the scariest horror games, or you can also check out our terrifying (and hilarious) Let’s Plays of Among Us and Dead by Daylight.