DualShockers: DJ Grandmaster Flash Interview

Grandmaster Flash is an icon when it comes to hip hop music and the art of DJing, cutting, mixing and basically using a DJ board as an instrument. Flash, as he said you can call him, and the Furious Five were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2007, which them the very first hip hop or rap artists to be given this honor. We recently had the special chance to catch up with Grandmaster Flash and ask him some questions about his take on the recent Game On! segment he participated in as well as his thoughts on DJ Hero and his involvement.
Me: What are your overall thoughts on the Game ON! Panel and would you do it again?

Grandmaster Flash: Yes.  It was a great experience.

Me: Who else would you like to see on another gaming panel?

GF: I’m too new in the gaming community to know who would be the proper representation.

Me: What was the first game you played and what was that experience like?

GF: N/a

Me: What games are you playing now and what are you looking forward to releasing?

GF: I’m now playing DJ Hero and looking forward to doing more gaming work in the future.

Me: What made you want to get involved with the DJ Hero project and will you be involved with any sequels?

GF: I was approached by them and was told they wanted me to put my science into the game.  At first I didn’t understand  but once it became clear they wanted an authentic point of view, it made it easy tor me to become involved.

I have to say that I love Grandmaster Flash’ perspective on DJing as being a science and look forward to him and Activision further expanding on this game. DJ Hero really gives people a look into hip hop and what it can be aside from aggressive lyrics and the stereotypical gangster rapper. Dj Hero mixes and melds flows of all styles but infuses cuts of hip hop that are undeniable. The tracks in DJ Hero are far more recognizable for myself than say a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game, which makes it instantly enjoyable for me and many others.

We also tried to get an interview with Pete Wentz pictured above, but he unfortunately declined.

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