DualShockers’ E3 2015 Predictions: How Will Nintendo “Wow” Us This Year?

DualShockers’ E3 2015 Predictions: How Will Nintendo “Wow” Us This Year?

For the past two years Nintendo has chosen to forgo the traditional live and on-site E3 presentation, instead using the same medium as their Nintendo Directs to host a digital event — with bonus Treehouse livestreams showcasing gameplay and interviews.

This year will be no different and promises to have quite the lineup of upcoming titles and new surprises in store.

yarn yoshi

What Will Be There

Upcoming 2015 titles such as Mario Maker and Yarn Yoshi will, without a doubt, be making an appearance during their digital event. However, it was confirmed that Star Fox for Wii U would in fact be playable as well, so expect to see that title show up.

We also have two likely suspects for the livestream as in Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, which will most likely be making a gameplay appearance, and Pokken Tournament, which has been undergoing arcade testing up until this point and is overdue for some more gameplay.

Both Xenoblade Chronicles X and Devil’s Third are due for release date or release window announcements, especially in the case of the former as it surprisingly didn’t occur during the recent North American Nintendo Direct.


What May Be There

There have been hints of an Animal Crossing title for Wii U and a new entry in the Paper Mario series making the internet rounds, which would have a decent chance of being announced during the livestream.

Retro Studios also recently tweeted out the following concerning E3 and Nintendo:

While it could always be a studio supporting their “bosses” essentially, this could also be hinting at a new title from the team, possibly Donkey Kong or Metroid. It doesn’t help that “Can you dig it?” is a reference to Funky Kong from the Donkey Kong series.

In the same vein, Platinum Games Producer Hashimoto also retweeted a Nintendo E3 status update:

Platinum Games

As with Retro Studios, this could be a solid sign that Platinum Games will be revealing a new Wii U title as well.

Last year Nintendo confirmed that two Metroid games — one for Wii U and the other for 3DS — were currently in development. Depending on progress made, we may even see some of the two titles. This is also a strong possibility as it relates back to that tweet from Retro Studios, which developed Metroid Prime.

Not directly a game but still very much relevant, there’s a chance we’ll get an announcement of an actual account system and features for Wii U and 3DS, as that has been one of the most requested features to be added to the consoles (up there with region-free games).


What We Won’t See

Although The Legend of Zelda title for Wii U was originally slated to appear at E3, due to the game’s extended development time Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that it would not be shown during Nintendo’s livestream.

President and CEO Satoru Iwata stated that Wii U and 3DS would be the main focus of the presentation, meaning that for those wanting more information on Nintendo’s mysterious NX gaming system, you’ll have to wait as nothing of the sort will be shown at this year’s E3.

super smash bros

Longshots and Surprises:

More gameplay and information for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. Now let me explain first. Yes Miyamoto stated that the digital event would not feature the title. However, Nintendo will also be hosting a private press room event as they did last year and there’s a chance that the aforementioned title will be there.

Moving on, during the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, both Roy and Ryu were revealed as DLC combatants for the Wii U and 3DS (infamously leaked the day before its official air date). While Roy is a given considering he’s a protagonist in a long running Nintendo franchise but Ryu is a bit more left field.

However, this inclusion could hint at a possible crossover title between Nintendo and Capcom. Capcom is well versed in such titles and Iwata has even gone on record stating that Nintendo would be working with third party developers for collaborative titles in the future, after the success Nintendo has seen with Koei Tecmo.

Personally I believe a fighting game between the two — in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom series, Capcom vs Tatsunoko, Street Fighter X Tekken and Capcom vs. SNK — would be by far the likeliest possibility as the genres overlap perfectly.

Other possible announcements due to heavy rumors and general talk includes a new F-Zero title (difficult to picture as Miyamoto reportedly dislikes the franchise himself, but still possible), Twilight Princess HD and Super Mario Sunshine HD.

super mario galaxy

All in all, there’s plenty that Nintendo can show off during their digital event, as well as in the press room event and Treehouse livestream. We’ll just have to wait until then to see how accurate my “predictions” really are.