Fright Fest: DualShockers' Fantasy Horror Movie and Video Game Crossovers

It's the ultimate Halloween showdown, as the DualShockers staff imagines which horror icons could duke it out with video game characters.

In case you weren’t already aware, today happens to be the spookiest day of the year. If you aren’t already celebrating with a good horror movie or scary game (or Luigi’s Mansion 3), don’t worry: we here at DualShockers have some tricks and treats ready for you.

Since we couldn’t decide between celebrating our favorite scary movies or our favorite scary games, the DualShockers staff gathered together and mashed them up. Picture it as our own Freddy vs. Jason style crossover and getting to see our favorite characters duking it out, or at least which ones would make for the ultimate frightening fan service.

Eli (Let the Right One In, 2008) vs The Witch (Left 4 Dead)

Ben Bayliss, Staff Writer

Eli, from the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In is a small girl, seemingly innocent until her speed, strength, and blood sucking capabilities come to light. On the other hand, we have the Witch from Left 4 Dead, seemingly frail and innocent right up until she’s disturbed, which then finds her screeching and failing her arms about with almighty speed. Both haunting concepts.

Eli has the advantage of being small: she can dodge and weave like a normal kid is capable, and her strength is enough to dismember without effort. She needs to eat too, so pitting her against the Witch would give her the incentive to fight for food should she win.

The Witch has long limbs, with sharp nails that can lacerate as she swipes at her enemies that are deafened and stunned by her screeching. As we’ve seen in Left 4 Dead. She can also withstand a damn good number of bullets before she falls to her death. She does however only fight if provoked, and if Eli is hungry, there’s going to be some provoking going on.

While Eli might not pose much of a threat from initial first impressions, her vampiric powers are something to fear. But I feel that the Witch’s overall haunting physique and sheer speed would be enough to win a fight against what is essentially a kid…providing she can hit a child-sized target with ease.

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space franchise) vs Xenomorphs (Alien franchise)

Allisa James, Staff Writer

The Dead Space protagonist, Isaac Clarke, while not a trained fighter himself, is used to using his intelligence and adaptability to survive in otherwise near impossible conditions and odds. His RIG suit has many built in features such as maps, health and oxygen level monitors, and he can use healing items on himself in case of injury.

As an engineer, he has tons of repurposed equipment that can be easily adapted to disarm the Xenomorphs infesting whatever ship he’s on. That’s also not to mention both his training and his RIG that allows him to function in zero gravity and depressurized spaces. And that same RIG also features two major upgrades, “Kinesis” and “Stasis,” the former of which can be used to throw objects at the aliens, and latter which would give Clarke the ability to slow them down and either slip past them or kill them.

Xenomorphs of course have the advantage of being literally biological weapons, with their powerful claws, jaws, tails, armor-like exoskeletons, and acidic saliva and blood. So even killing one is a lot of risk because unlike even the undead Necromorphs of Dead Space, the long dead corpses of Xenomorphs pose serious biological hazards — especially in zero gravity. Of course, their superior numbers and cooperative abilities is another threat.

The other, and arguably most dangerous part about Xenomorphs, is their own adaptability and observational skills. They are aware of their strengths — such as their superior night vision and their acid blood — and will create scenarios to favor them. They also can quickly learn how to manipulate simple machinery by paying attention to how other species interact with said tech.

All in all, this would be a terrifying and extremely close fight for survival between Clarke and the Xenomorphs. And while I think he could pull out a win in the end, I can’t imagine Clarke doing so without some serious consequences.

The Hunter (Bloodborne) vs. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise)

Ryan Meitzler, Features Editor

As a longtime lover of horror movies, there’s no doubt that Freddy Krueger is easily one of the most iconic and terrifying horror characters imaginable. From his spiky glove to his creepy laugh, to the fact that he’ll (ultimately) get to you know matter what, since you have to sleep eventually.

His persistence and relentless is what makes him so damn terrifying, and while some of his movies are far better than others, I’ve always had a fondness for the Nightmare on Elm Street films and their creative ways at approaching horror.

That being said, that’s why I think a match-up between Freddy and the Hunter from Bloodborne would make for an interesting confrontation. Aside from being one of my favorite games from this generation, Bloodborne was rich in unique and memorable monsters to fight against, from haunting werewolves to truly horrifying Cthulu-esque creatures.

Given all that the Hunter had to work their way through in Bloodborne, it would be interesting to see how the Hunter would be able to take on such an enigmatic force like Freddy Krueger, a character that you wouldn’t have to just fight physically, but mentally. While I might give the upper hand here to Freddy with his supernatural powers, I also think that the Hunter might have already faced even worse horrors.

Call of Duty Operators vs. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th franchise)

Joseph Schaffner, Staff Writer

Anyone who’s played Call of Duty is probably aware of its defining multiplayer mechanic: no matter how safe you think you are, there’s always someone behind you. It’s frustrating, and it’s frightening. You’re just never safe in this game.

Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th franchise, employs similar tactics. He might let you run a bit, but as soon as you think you’re safe–that’s when he gets you. You simply can’t get away: Jason is a force of nature. And when he finds you, he’ll have the high ground.

Both the CoD Operators and Jason are capable of teleporting behind one another and gaining the upper hand. Likewise, both are skilled at utilizing weaponry: Jason can use any pointy thing he finds in the woodshed, and CoD Operators have a massive cache full of firearms.

The difference, though, is that CoD Operators are highly trained, and they can use some of the most advanced tactics and technology on the planet. Jason, on the other hand, relies almost solely on brute strength and cheap scare tactics. Furthermore, while some of the teenagers he attacks are quite resourceful, they can’t really put up much of a fight. They certainly don’t compare to the hostile and dangerous targets CoD Operators deal with on the regular.

Now that you’ve read our ultimate horror movie x video game crossovers, share what your ultimate horror movie would be that pits a horror movie character and a video game character together in the comments down below.

And of course, Happy Halloween from the DualShockers staff!

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