DualShockers Invades Pixel Enemy

DualShockers Invades Pixel Enemy

DualShockers Deputy Editor-In-Chief, Joel Taveras, took the stage last week against Jay Michaels of Pixel Enemy in a show that takes the wits and knowledge of industry writers/journalists, and brings them together in a “who know more” debate on specific topics hosted by Pixel Enemy’s host, Mark Remollino, who also bears a remarkable resemblance to my High School Earth Science teacher, Mr. Adam Chertok (hairdo and all).

The first topic – which the first released video depicts – takes both contestants, Joel Taveras and Jay Michaels, and puts them in a discussion about the worthlessness of NPD numbers. You will notice, from the beginning, how extremely nervous our Editor Joel Taveras is as his eyes constantly wanders to the surrounding glaring studio lights, and to his hands – to which he seems to either admiring, or mediating a thumb-wrestling match against none other than… himself.

The discussion went well on both ends. Both Joel and Jay each contributed their apparent knowledge on the non-importance of NPD numbers to both gamers and journalists, and also discussed the relevance of Nintendo’s Wii in contrast to both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 when thrown up in the NPD numbers equation.

Joel definitely did represent the DualShockers team to the best of his abilities, which we are proud of. He didn’t stutter, nor did he not sound like he didn’t know shit about the topic. He went in there confident, but nervous, and held his own against Jay Michaels, who looks like he does nothing but Wiki and study anything and everything in relation to gaming. At the end of the topic, both contestants scored three points, placing them in a tie.

We have posted the first topic below for you guys to check out and use to ridicule Joel as you see fit. Throughout the next few days, Pixel Enemy will continue to post videos on the debates between Joel and Jay with different topics of discussion, as well as the overall victor in the debate (which is determined by who has the higher number of points).

We would like to thank Pixel Enemy for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a great show. Everyone was great and we definitely look forward to doing it again.