DualShockers/J!NX Contest Winners

By Josh Wright

March 15, 2010

Visions of Big Daddies or a little tea-bagging? The DualShockers/J!NX Contest contestants created some very interesting t-shirt styles. ApocalyPS3 2010, “I hate laggers”, and “I Pistol The Fools” are just some of the great designs fans came up with. But, alas only two could be chosen from the many entries we received in the contest. Readers were given a task to come up with an original idea for a t-shirt they wanted to see from J!NX. We the staff of DualShockers then had the extremely difficult task of picking the best two. Everyone who participated came up with some creative entries but we can’t pick them all. Drum roll please!

The winners of the fabulous J!NX gift certificates are:

@evanmaroun says:
March 1, 2010 at 3:02 PM
I think a good idea for a shirt on J!NX would be a shirt with a picture of a Big Daddy from bioshock on it and under it, it says “who’s your daddy?” simple but yet awesome

OregonSlacker says:
March 1, 2010 at 2:13 PM
Thanks jinx & Dual Shockers for the awesome Giveaway, I need some Jinx Threads to show the world what Real Gamers dress like!!! I would love to see some Good ol’ Humilation T-Shirts U Know the typical “Take That Noob” or “Teabagger for Life” you can have a gamer on his way up to Heaven T-baggin’ Peter on his way through the Pearly Gates! Let them know emails will be going out shortly. Thanks.

So congratulations to @evanmaroun and OregonSlacker for the great winning entries. Do you want to win some cool swag from DualShockers and our friends at J!NX? Make sure to follow @DualShockers on Twitter and become a fan of the DualShockers Facebook fan-page for upcoming contests and giveaways. Congratulations to our two winners!

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