DualShockers Medal of Honor Beta Code Giveaway **UPDATE**

DualShockers Medal of Honor Beta Code Giveaway **UPDATE**


Come one come all to the DualShockers Medal of Honor Beta code giveaway taking place on DualShockers.com right here in this post for one lucky winner as well as on our Twitter account while the DualShockers Gamers Gone Wild One Year Anniversary Party takes place. To increase your chances in winning feel free to enter using both methods.

There will be one winner chosen from the comments section of this post. Whoever is the most creative in writing a 6 word explanation of why they deserve the beta will receive this code.

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t the creative type, you can also answer trivia questions about the site or be a hawk eye and catch a tweeted code from  the DualShockers Twitter this Saturday as we will be giving them out in 15 minute intervals while the party is going on (starting at 9:30pm).

This is just a small token of our gratitude for those that can’t make it to celebrate the first birthday for DualShockers, for those of you who do party it up with the crew you are in for many more giveaways, raffles, and of course a seriously good time.

**UPDATE** Thank you everyone who participated in the Beta Code giveaway!

The three winners that were chosen for the 6 word story contest are the following:

Daisybear827: “Hardcore Stay At Home Gamer Mom”

Daniel Sims: “Even Bad Haikus Get More Words”

LPFreak64: “Mike-Oscar-Hotel, Modern Warfare Farewell”

Congratulations and be on the lookout for your beta codes in the e-mail tonight!

Also, on Twitter we had many winners who did things like answer DualShockers trivia, catch tweeted codes, and more. Congratulations to the following Twitter accounts which were able to win a code:








28 responses to “DualShockers Medal of Honor Beta Code Giveaway **UPDATE**”

  1. Evan Velez says:

    I used to write for DualShockers.


  2. Daryl K says:

    Unemployed and can’t afford Playstation Plus

  3. ET3RNA4 says:

    Because My Favorite Website is Dualshockers 🙂

  4. Mark says:

    Need to know MOH or COD?

  5. Avraham says:

    God I hope I get it

  6. Topcat says:

    Cause i’m the most tip top 😀

  7. mangrease says:

    I got an itch’ needs scratchin

  8. SagaciousT says:

    Heh, you said meddle up on her.

  9. SagaciousT says:

    Crap…forgot to delete the “heh”…sigh

  10. LPFreak64 says:

    Mike-Oscar-Hotel, Modern Warfare Farewell.

  11. nick says:

    i am Chuck Norri’s roundhouse kick

  12. jason says:

    kill him her them it everyone…

  13. Corey says:

    My shirt says I deserve it.

  14. nick says:

    because, I am dice’s whore. 😀

  15. BitBagger says:

    Sand is everywhere and I’m horny.

  16. Daniel Sims says:

    Even bad haikus get more words…

  17. Ricky says:

    winning smile, great sense of humor

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  19. Jennifer says:

    bcause if i like it, i’ll buy

  20. KillerApp23 says:

    Because I still play Allied Assault B)

  21. I need the code for my PS3 because I own all of the Medal of Honor games and I’m a big fan.I need to play the beta and give my feedback on medalofhonor.com

  22. Tiber Clybouw says:

    simpel: “Coase ur my number 1 fan” Jon

  23. Tiber Clybouw says:

    cause ur my number 1 fan (Jon)
    Cause I own you on: warhawk

    Cause I’m $K!L
    Cause I’m belgian
    Cause i’m Flemish
    Cause I believe in science (and I worked 3 months straight to make u believe in science (unsucesfully))

    Need more ressons that are 6 or less words long?

  24. Tiber Clybouw says:

    jon asked for more so here i go:
    Cause I clusterd a flying warhawk
    Cause I kill warhawks with tanks
    Cause i’m that “C4 guy” (on RB6vegas 1 and 2)
    Cause I am Superman (socom: confrontation, last to live and killed entire enemy team + 2 vips all within that exstraction time (30seconds) with a P90 and first thing my team said was “omfg ur superman” (sorry, i love to brag about that))

    Cause I strike fear in MAG
    Cause i’m back to single ;(
    Cause Jon doesn’t believe in DNA?

    Cause Jon doesn’t believe in science,

  25. Daisybear827 says:

    Hardcore Stay At Home Gamer Mom