DualShockers MW2 Prestige Edition Giveaway Winner

DualShockers MW2 Prestige Edition Giveaway Winner

Hey readers, Joel here, I just wanted to announce our winner of the our DualShockers Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition giveaway! Also, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the contest and would like to remind you all of another giveaway currently going on for FairyTale Fights. Thank you all for your readership and always check us out for all of your latest gaming news, all day, every day!

And the winner is……



Check out his comment!

Well it is kinda embarrasing, but if I were to win those spectacular goggles it would give me the opertunity to gain access to the dualshockers studio during night hours with out the pesky flashlight. This would in turn give me more exclusive insight and ability to look through any papers, files and trash .
I feel like being able to check out your personal information will give me an edge in playing just about any game ever made (learning from the best to become the best).
After this triumphant Win of information, I would probably take advantage of new found stealthyness and try my luck at Special ops access to Infinity Ward … this may pose as more of a problem being as how they might expect this kind of infiltration, as an added precaution I may have to not wear my Squeeky Sneakers.

Lastly with the Modern Warfare Prestige edition game in hand while wearing the Night vision goggles … I will hold my head High and scream that DualShockers has
saved the lives of millions by allowing me the honor of a Victorious win …

— OR –

I’d run around my house in my underwaer and scare my dogs … possibly my family