DualShockers New Release Rundown Week of 9/14

With every week of new releases, there are usually games that you would of had no idea that they were releasing. There are also those times where you wonder why the hell someone would make that game. This week contains two such titles. For a game that I had no idea was releasing there is Heroes Over Europe, and this game looks like it will be in competition will IL-2 Sturmovik, I guess it is dogfighting season. (Not Michael Vick dog fighting though, thank God) For the game I wonder why it was even made is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, I honestly wish I knew why this sounded like a good idea.

Honorable mention this week to the two NHL titles releasing. Also, we are seeing WET, Need for Speed Shift, and a much anticipated title, Scribblenauts. I guess it’s time for me to play some Scribblenauts. I advise you all to do the same.

Monday 9/14

  • My Boyfriend (DS)
  • Princess in Love (DS)
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (DS)

Tuesday 9/15

  • Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP)
  • Heroes Over Europe (PS3, 360)
  • Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP)
  • Need For Speed Shift (PS3, 360, PSP, PC)
  • NHL 10 (PS3, 360)
  • NHL2K10 (PS3, 360, Wii, PS2)
  • Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection (PS3, 360)
  • Tornado Outbreak (PS3, 360, Wii)
  • WET (PS3, 360)
  • Qubed (360)
  • Our House Party (Wii, DS)
  • Toy Story Mania (Wii)
  • Bleach: The 3rd Phantom (DS)
  • Scribblenauts (DS)
  • Batman Arkham Asylum (PS)
  • Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (PC)
  • Red Faction Guerrilla (PC)
  • Resident Evil 5 (PC)
  • Zuma’s Revenge (PC)
  • Ages of Empires III: The Complete Collection (PC)

Thursday 9/17

  • Madballs in Babo: Invasion (Steam)
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