DualShockers One Year Anniversary Party Recap

DualShockers One Year Anniversary Party Recap


With a party so epic and ridiculous, it was only natural for us to take a month of recovery time to finally get this post up. On Saturday, July 17, 2010, we celebrated our one year anniversary by throwing a party that will not soon be forgotten. We gave away games, an Xbox 360, T-shirts and even bars of soap. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support and would like to give a special thanks to SFX-360.com, Konami, Jinx Clothing Company, SouthPeak Games, GamingAngels.com and all others who sponsored the party with great giveaways.

Here is a heartfelt message from the Editor-in-Chief, Yaris Gutierrez:

It’s been a great first year here at DualShockers. Nothing takes the cake like knowing that the hard work we continue to put in pays off immensely throughout the community. Our growth is the product of amazing and dedicated staff members and supportive and flourishing readers, viewers and listeners that embrace our content. We thank you all for an awesome first year, and we hope to continue bringing everyone quality content. We love you guys!

Check out the few but sweet pictures by clicking ‘Read More’ below, and we look forward to another year of bringing gaming news to the gamers, for the gamers, by the gamers.