DualShockers is Now Partnered on Mixer

DualShockers is Now Partnered on Mixer

Be sure to follow us on Mixer to know when we'll be streaming moving forward!

We’ve quietly been grinding away the past few months building up a new community over on Mixer. Slowly but surely, we’ve now reached a point where we have over 6,000 followers and are streaming video games multiple nights per week.

As a result, today we’re proud to announce that we’re now partners on Mixer which is a great step for us. We’re hoping that this introduces us to many more viewers in the coming weeks and months and we want all of you, our usual readers here on the website, to be part of this as well.

So if you’d like, you can now subscribe to our channel over on Mixer. Everything we make through Mixer helps keep the site afloat and also allows us to remain independent. Anything you might throw our way is greatly appreciated. At the very least though, just be sure to follow us so that you can know when we’ll be going live in the future.

We should be streaming live right now if you’d like to come hang out with us and watch some Fortnite. The stream should be attached below but you can also click right here to be taken directly to Mixer’s site to watch.