DualShockers PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Buyer’s Guide: What’s in the Box?

DualShockers PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Buyer’s Guide: What’s in the Box?

If you’re going to spend a small fortune on a new console, you should at least know what’s in the box, right?

Alright, so you’re trying to figure which Day One bundle of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 works for you? There’s a number of different SKUs floating around for each console and you’re probably clueless as to what to get come launch day. We will breakdown the common SKUs which should guide you into making a good decision or confuse you even further.

Side Note: Since we are still a few months away from launch both of these retail bundles could change closer to launch.


xbox one whats in the box?

Xbox One

Lets Go Inside Your Box

Release date: November 22, 2013


Xbox One Console

Kinect– The point of much heated discussion, the Kinect Sensor for now as we know will be bundled with all Xbox One consoles even though the Kinect does not have to be connected in order to use your Xbox One.

Xbox One Wireless Controller– It takes double AAs, you’ll need a charge kit if you want to be free of batteries.

4K Ready HMDI Cable – It’s a HDMI cable. Oh, if you’re one of the dozen or so people who can afford a 4K ready television, you’re covered.


Xbox One Headset: Originally not intended to be packaged in the bundle but reason and internet rage convinced Microsoft otherwise.

Power Brick– Still big, still ugly.



Xbox One Wireless Controller: $59.99

Xbox One Wireless Controller + Play and Charge Kit: $74.99

We hate batteries.

Xbox Live Gold for 1 year: $59.99 

You need this in order to do all the fun online features like use multiplayer or all your important streaming services.



Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Racing Wheel: $399.99

Yes, that is a $400 wireless racing wheel that is the cost of a PlayStation 4.  Its got paddle shifters and apparently is a 7:10 scale replica of a Ferrai 458 Italia racing wheel. If you plan on picking up Forza Motorsport 5 and have a ton of grossly disposable income than this is for you!

PlayStation 4

Where’s Your Camera?

Release Date: November 15th 2013




PlayStation 4 System (Jet Black)

DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller– The DS 4 has got a fancy built-in speaker Its got a touchpad, share button and honest to goodness triggers.
HDMI Cable – The PS3 never came with one, +1 for caring.
Power Cable – No brick, good on ya Sony.


Wired Mono Headset–  Kinda flimsy looking, just happy to see Sony package one in. The headset looks like the one my dad still uses on his cell phone.
USB Charging Cable – This is a big deal, you can recharge your controllers, no damn batteries.



PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller: $59.99

PlayStation Plus: $49.99 for 1 year: Remember when everyone went nuts at E3 when Jack Tretton said playing single player games would be free? Well that was true, what he failed to mention is that you’ll need to pay for PS + in order to play multiplayer.



PlayStation 4 Camera: $59.99 Its the essentially a PlayStation Eye for the next-gen. The PlayStation 4 Camera was taken out of the standard SKU at E3 to counter the Xbox One  $500 and steal the show.



Both launch day bundles has been sold out at most major retailers like GameStop and Amazon. If you’re lucky you’ll find either one of these systems at other retailers like Wal-Mart and Target are offering their own pre-order bundles for the Xbox One and PS4. Realistically, unless you pre-order ASAP you’ll be stuck running from store to store until after Christmas.

(There’s a couple of amazon bundles, no idea whether or not to mention them)

When comparing the two basic bundles, the $100 difference is a HUGE deal breaker for most people. Clearly if Microsoft offers a Kinect-less SKU, which I highly doubt, that may change some minds. Without trying out the Kinect itself its hard to say whether or not it is truly worth the extra $100. The $500 price point is little tough to swallow.

Lets also not forget that would most likely want some games too. Those will run you $59.99 a piece. Oh, and lets add applicable sales tax too. We will running a feature on exactly how much these consoles will drain your bank account. No one said the next gen was cheap.