DualShockers PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Holiday Buyer’s Guide – What Are We Getting?

DualShockers PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Holiday Buyer’s Guide – What Are We Getting?

Just over a month ago, we started the DualShockers Holiday Buyer’s Guide with one purpose: to educate the masses as best we could with every fact we could pull together. We may be journalists, but we too are consumers, and with an ever-changing list of facts and rumors and what-ifs about Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, we figured it was our geek duty to put things straight for our fellow gamers out there.

But now we’ve reached the end of the series, and it’s finally come down to this one single moment…where the staff at DualShockers take all the facts we’ve gathered over the weeks, and tell you what console(s) we’re getting, and more importantly, why.

Joel Tavares, Deputy Editor: The Politics and Polices Of the Console War

When it comes to gaming, 2013 has been quite interesting. We saw the announcement of two consoles with some similarities, but as a whole, two very different strategies. In a couple of weeks, it will be time to make a decision. And based on what I’ve seen thus far, in my opinion, the answer is… it’s still kind of complicated.

OK, I won’t be so dramatic. On November 15th, I am picking up a PlayStation 4 from Sony. But I’m sure it’s not for the reasons you would think.

The funny thing is, this whole “console war” thing was not so much about one company beating out the other, it was more of a “who’s going to mess up less” and when you look at it from that angle, Sony and the PS4 come out on top.

My own issue with Microsoft’s Xbox One, wasn’t so much their original “draconian” intentions. Which, to be fair, in hindsight — game sharing especially — a handful of the features that came with always being online were going to be awesome.

My problem is how they handled the aftermath that followed. Again, I’m not defending their original intent, but I’m more disappointed that they didn’t have the backbone to follow through with it. They had amazing ideas, it was just unfortunate that “the suits” who delivered the message completely dropped the ball. Instead of showing the value, it was a game of misdirection. TV, TV, and more TV. What a joke.

The misinformation that followed the big unveiling, made me lose faith in their brand from a consumer standpoint. And now, their “get the facts” campaign, I’m just left shaking my head.

So you see, it wasn’t so much PS4 running away with it as it was the Xbox One being, in my opinion, a complete non-starter. Come November, I’ll be picking up a PS4, an extra controller, Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, and NBA 2K14 because, well… that beard sweat. Seriously, check out the “OMG Trailer” to see what I mean.

I don’t know about you but If I spend half a grand, I need to justify my purchase with some visual stimulation, and NBA 2K14 is going to do exactly that. Looking further into the launch window, inFAMOUS: Second Son (is screaming my name. November and the months that follow can’t come soon enough.



Jorge Jimenez, Staff Writer: The Xbox One – A Proven Track Record and Preferred Choice

I’m going with the Xbox One. I may be the only DSer going this route. I like to be different. It makes me special.

At launch, Dead Rising 3, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 will be in my rotation at launch.

Dead Rising 3 seems really ambitious and has the most to prove on next gen, from having hundreds of zombies on screen to a seamless open world. Hopefully, Capcom will keep Dead Rising’s trademark “its so bad, its good” story. Something about killing zombies dressed wearing a banana hammock always gets me.

All of my modern Battlefield experiences have been on Xbox Live, so I’m looking forward to getting my band of amateur soldiers back together and jump off a collapsing skyscraper while shooting some poor souls. #america

I got the chance to see some Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag in person and I was sold on the pirate motiff. Here’s to hoping they fully embrace the pirate lifestyle and not fall into the typical sub-mediocre mission types that have always plagued the Assassins Creed franchise. Also, your pirate crew will sing songs about being pirates.

Xbox Live has always been my preferred service for online games. They have a decent track record when it comes providing a stable online experience. This cloud nonsense seems like it might be the next big thing assuming it works at launch.  When Titanfall comes around, I’ll be grateful when I’m playing on dedicated servers.

I will eventually acquire a PS4 by some nefarious means, though nothing at launch is really calling out to me on the PS4. The indie scene is strong with Sony in the next-gen but I rather play that stuff on the Vita or PC.

Allisa James, Reviews Editor: Holding Off Until Further Developments

Personally, I’ll be waiting to pick up a PS4 or Xbox One since I’d like to see what other games Sony and Microsoft will release later on down the line before I make the plunge. This isn’t a new or recent occurrence either–I always tend to be late to the next-gen party. I guess it comes with not being an early adapter.

Another reason I’m waiting is because I already own a Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U (not to mention my 3DS and PS Vita) so I have plenty of games that I need to play and catch up on before I even think of buying a new console. I do own a gaming PC that I built myself (with a little help) so I can still play most third-party next-gen titles anyway, such as Titanfall.

Right now I don’t have a preference but when I do choose, it will be a decision purely made based on the quality of the games and not due to brand loyalty. It’s funny because I’ve actually been with Sony since the PS One so one could assume that I would just get a PS4 but I’m still very strict about what I spend my hard-earned money on.



Masoud House, Features Editor: Sony Faithful, Through and Through

I can’t lie. I love Sony.

I’ve been with Sony since their first console, I’ve used other Sony products, and I’ve always loved what they’ve offered. The library of games available to the PSOne and PS2 were amazing: for a guy like me who has always enjoyed alternative ideas, there has always been so much diversity and variety available on Sony platforms, games memorable to me even a decade later.

But with the current generation coming to a close, we’ve seen much change, just like with everything nowadays, it seems. Sony failed for a good few years with the PS3, only to come back stronger, if a little scarred. Microsoft roared into first place with the Xbox 360 initially, unblemished by its own controversies, only to let disastrous marketing mistakes mar the advent of the Xbox One.

This console war has become nearly as political as the United States presidential race: the two keep trying to prove how they’re different, while simultaneously having a lot of similarities. It’s frustrating to watch, especially when, at the end of the day, all we gamers want are good games and good features.

Despite the title of my section, the Xbox One has seemed very appealing to me. I love the idea of a more powerful Kinect that can be as casual as necessary for gaming neophytes, and as engaging as ever in conjunction with the controller for hardcore gaming vets. After all, the gaming community has always embraced its members, and elitism doesn’t make sense for the true geek, who comes from an array of demographic backgrounds. And as a creator, the Xbox One’s Project Spark blew me away with its ability to create dynamic games so easily through use of the console and tablet apps. And as a proud mech-addict, Titanfall just screams for my wallet.

But Sony, I love them. Their culture, their passion, their lifestyle. Yes, the game industry is as about money as any other industry, but Sony has been to a lot of dark places financially the last several years, and instead of looking to replace their slew of games with nothing but proven money vacuums like shooters and sports titles, they’ve still welcomed unproven titles and IPs of every sort, even opening the way for more Indie developers to shine. Throw in the ever-amazing PlayStation Plus, the Instant Game Collection, the upcoming Gaikai streaming services that will allow you to play Sony titles from any generation on nearly any compatible device, and the power and variety of Sony exclusives like The Order: 1886, Transistor and inFamous: Second Son, and I’m sold. Plus, I’m a fan of the Move, so I’m waiting for more on that.

I can’t afford next-gen yet, and I have tons of games for my PS3 that I have yet to get through, so I’d love to break through my backlog. But I’m looking forward to the PS4 next year, and I’m honestly looking forward to how Microsoft and Sony can keep each other evolving, for gaming’s sake. And who knows? If Microsoft can win me over, maybe I’ll get both one day. But for now, make mine Sony.


PS4 Xbox One2

David Rodriguez, Staff Writer and ShockCast Host: Both Consoles, Just Not Right Now

I too, will not be buying a console at launch. I never have, and I did not plan on it even in light of how enticing the PlayStation 4 is (except for one reason). As a consumer, I would prefer to let the two consoles permeate for a while and accumulate a substantial library of games before I purchase them. There is also the chance of the first wave of units experiencing malfunctions – this is something I would like to avoid. Personally, I also just have an aversion to hype surrounding launch.

The Xbox One’s price is not justified by what it is offering at launch, which is a collection of titles that are mostly multi-platform. Ryse is interesting, and it was the one title that impressed me at E3, but it was and still is not enough to sway me to plunk down $500 on day one. I am content with waiting for the release of Titanfall, and possibly the inevitable release of an Xbox One/Titanfall bundle.

Sony for the most part has me pulled in with the PlayStation 4. However, I have such a large and varied backlog for my PlayStation 3 that I would not mind putting titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on hold while I work through it. The one title that originally had me dead-set on pre-ordering a PS4, Watch_Dogs, was delayed until next year. After that, I did not have such a need for the system right away. There are even some Wii and Wii U games I would like to play in the interim.

2014 is the year I will enter the next generation of gaming, and it will be with the PlayStation 4, followed eventually by the Xbox One.

Al Zamora, Editor and DSTV Host: PS4, PS Vita and PS Plus: More Features To Enjoy

My launch console will be the PS4 and it may be my only console for the foreseeable future. Everything is moving to multi-platform and having multi consoles just does not make sense any more. Ironically there is no launch title that is pulling me into this generation as of yet: my first launch title for the PS4 may be Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 to see how they transition over to the next generation of consoles. The reason I am moving solely over to the PS4 is because of the functionality it is boasting with the Vita. Remote play has always been big for me and this generation I hope Sony does it right. I also see more value in PSN Plus with all three Sony consoles than what you would get from MS.


Wii Party U (3)
Kenneth Richardson, Staff Writer: Neither – The Wii U and PS3 Are Good Enough For Now

I will not be buying the PS4 nor the Xbox One at launch. The launch lineups for both consoles look incredibly weak to me. The only console exclusives I’ve been eying are Killer Instinct, which killed its shot with me via the DLC model, and Killzone: Shadow Fall, which looks good but by itself not strong enough to seal a purchase. I’d personally much rather be stylishly late to the next gen party than have $400+ buyer’s remorse and a nice looking console collecting dust.

Compounding the problem is the fact that the PS3 just will not let up. The PS3 is simply paying no mind at all to its hot new younger sibling.  My PS3 backlog is already crowded with titles like Tales of Xillia, Disgaea D2 and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA. By the time I finish all of those, PS3 exclusives Aquapazza, Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers, Tales of Xillia 2, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma, Drakengard 3, Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster and a bevvy of other compelling titles will be well on their way to launching on North American soil. Add in upcoming multiplats that are, for now at least, excluding next gen hardware like Dark Souls II and Yaiba and I can hardly spare a thought for either the PS4 or the Xbox One.

If I was going to spring for a console this holiday season, it’d probably be the Wii U, but that’s another story. I’ll get a PS4 when it gets Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV and not a millisecond before then (unless Persona 5 or some other must-have comes out of nowhere).  Thanks to the PS3 – and like Allisa pointed out, the absolutely stellar 3DS and also the Vita – I’ll be far from bored until then.

Ryan Meitzler, Staff Writer: The PS4 & PS Plus – A Winning Pair

New console launches are awesome: they’re some of my favorite times to look out for in gaming. That excitement, that desire to know what’s going to be possible with new tech, what new games and franchises (and later on, what become duds) that we’ll see: I always love that feeling when a new console generation is on its way, and this time is no different with the Xbox One and PS4.

While I usually tend to wait a few months after a new console launch before making a purchasing decision for a number of reasons (not really any games I want to play, price, low availability of consoles…price, again), the choice between going with Xbox One and PS4 is definitely a tempting one and hard to resist. But, ultimately I think that right now if I instantly had to make a decision, my choice would go to PS4.

For me, a new console purchase comes down to what will keep me coming back to turn on that power button on my console, and 95% of that is one thing: the games. PS4 has a huge exclusive coming on day one (Killzone: Shadow Fall). It has some amazing titles coming within the launch window a few months after (DestinyWatch Dogs). Even later down the line, it’s also getting even bigger titles that I just can’t wait to play (Kingdom Hearts III). Mixing these in with PlayStation Plus giving new content and games to play every month, I look forward to the fact that even during the (inevitable) dry spells of few releases coming out during the beginning of the next-gen, I’ll always have something to play on it.

Specifically though, inFAMOUS: Second Son (releasing for PS4 in February) is going to be my killer app – as a big fan of the series, seeing just exactly what Sucker Punch can do with the franchise in a new story, a new setting, and completely new tech just make me can’t wait to tear it up with other Conduits on PS4.

Bring on the next-gen, Sony.


Tyler Christensen, Staff Writer: The PS3 For Now, The PS4 For Later

Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans to purchase either next-gen console at the moment. I think I’m going to wait out the bugs at first and continue rocking my PlayStation 3. With that said, I’m sure that you can imagine that if I were picking up a next-gen which one it would be. I’ve been a fan of Sony products for a long time now and have been really satisfied with the consoles that they’ve put out there for us.


Dana Abercrombie, Weekend Staff Writer: Conflicted – But Certain Series May Change That

Let’s get something straight. I have absolutely no intentions of running out to the store to get a PS4 nor an Xbox One when it launches. Why? Because I like the ability to eat and pay rent at the same time. I’m also very comfortable with my Xbox 360, which Microsoft stated it will continue to support until 2016 with 100 new games.

With that said, I am excited about both the Xbox One and the PS4: shiny new things always tickled my fancy. However, neither one fully impressed me. While Xbox had incredible graphics their game selection was lacking and even though PS4 had a better game selection, their graphics were lacking. If somehow a mash-up of the two was created featuring the best of both worlds then I would consider being homeless and hungry…damn priorities. Now let’s fast forward a year later when all the hype, excitement and price tag has died down. I shall purchase a PS4.

Why? Well for one, I was extremely disgusted by how Microsoft handled Xbone’s debacle. It was tacky and insulting to the consumer on many levels. I’m sure Steve Jobs is somewhere in heaven laughing his ass off. Secondly, I love Sony games. The God of War series made me feel like a badass fearsome GOD, which is saying a lot since I always feel that way. But GoW made me feel this way even more so. I LOVE this series like Spider-Man loves Mary Jane (let’s forget about Gwen Stacy).

You know what I also love? I’ll give you a hint…two words. Kingdom Hearts. When I first saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts III I fainted. Literally just dropped to the ground and cried sweet succulent tears of joys. I will never abandon this series for it has never let me down.  Yes it’s coming to the Xbox One but who cares, for me KH3 doesn’t feel the same without it being played on a PlayStation. It owns me, it controls me.

Yes Xbox One has Titanfall but so what. I can run to a friend’s house and play that game. Isn’t that the meaning of friendship? Sorry Microsoft, but I’m a girl in love and nothing can tear me and the PS4 apart.


Yaris Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief: The PS4, Eventually, But This Generation Isn’t Over

Ever since I was capable of affording things on my own, I was always an advocate of just buying every console at launch. I mean, why not? I was living at home with my parents at fourteen and spending my money on games, sugary drinks and artery-clogging microwaveable cuisines such as Hot Pockets. As a gamer at heart, and because each console offers its own variety of experiences, I was always keen on owning every platform. Even as I became older, more independent, and less capable of properly metabolizing food, gaming was a strong core of who I was and who I am today.

With each generation, consoles get more and more appealing with the functionalities they offer both in-game and out. And while the upcoming generation of consoles looks euphoric, I may be holding off on purchasing anything for a few months — something that I know will destroy Joel slowly on the inside.

Although the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are excruciatingly attractive from a gaming perspective, the sad truth is that I know that if I make the purchase now, it won’t get much play time. I see no rush in purchasing a console right now so I can say “ Yay! I own one!” with the rest of the cool kids when there are still a plethora of games for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that are in my library — and will be in my library — which still need a good playthrough (Final Fantasy X HD remake and the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2). Not to mention that the lot of the games that I am looking forward to next generation won’t be around until early next year.

But, in a perfect world where I have played every title I care for this current generation, if I were purchasing a console this holiday season it would be the PlayStation 4, an extra controller so that I can annoy my wife to tears in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Besides having a sweet price point for its set of capabilities, I see the PS4 just offering a more modest library that caters to my tastes during their launch window. I’m not going to belittle the Xbox One’s inability to remain consistent in the beginning as a factor to me not purchasing it (it is), and say that it doesn’t offer the entertainment value I’m looking for because I will pick it up at some point. However, the PlayStation 4 just has a more preferred delectable cup of tea which I prefer.

Being realistic, there’s just far too much this existing generation to ignore and make the jump to next generation. While pretty graphics and serious horsepower are a delightful treat, there are just far too many titles floating about that deserve my time.  So, that said, I’ll stick with my PS3 for now and board the next gen train when I’ve devoured this generation.



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