DualShockers Quick Tips: G.I. Joe Battleground Strategies On Building a Better Team

DualShockers Quick Tips: G.I. Joe Battleground Strategies On Building a Better Team

Remember when knowing was half the battle? Yes! Then relive your childhood PSA moments and start virtually collecting all of your favorite 1980’s G.I. Joes and Cobra villains. G.I. Joe Battleground lets you do just that: collect and battle all of your old favorites.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

1)    Level your main character by collecting other cards and using them to level up their skills.

2)    Run through missions to give you more PvP opportunities as well as collect items you will need along the way.

3)    PvP often! This will get you experience for your Squads and increase you Global Warfare Score which in turn gives you a better Rank. A better rank during the event will also grant you a better % to your stats.

GI Joe Battleground Screen

4)    Early on, abuse anyone lower in level than you or anyone that has not set up an entire squad. Yes, it is cheap, but it will get you more consecutive wins, which in turn will give you more bonuses.

5)    When it comes to items there are really only two that you will need: Flashbangs for capturing cards and Reload to restore ammo for Pvp’ing.

6)    G.I. Joes are like Pokemon – you gotta catch them all! Even if you end up catching ones you may not like, you can use them to upgrade your personal favorites.

7)    Don’t bother worrying about money, it is easy to get and hard to spend it all. Moba coins on the other hand are like gold and you can earn some by trying out other games from Moba.

8)    Choose your PvP foe wisely. Don’t take on a much higher level that will give you the same amount of points as a lower one.

9)    Recruit and recruit often. Always use up your Tokens but keep a close eye to not exceed the cap or your recruits will go to Surplus and get erased over time.

10)  Your Squad will max out at 5 so make sure to check on your Squad often as it will upgrade to 4 and then 5. Also watch out for new formations as you complete more missions.

If you follow these ten quick easy tips you will have your collection of G.I. Joes in tip top form and ready to take over or protect the world. You can play on pretty much any mobile device as the account is linked.

Also if you are having trouble finding Ally Codes feel free to post them in the comments section below. My personal Ally code is 8zWnL.If you have any questions just give me a shout.

Yoooo Joe!