DualShockers ShockCast Episode 5

DualShockers ShockCast Episode 5


This ShockCast was filled with absolute hatred for our Senior Contributing Writer Evan Velez. But before you even begin to ponder how we can hate such an awesome individual, we have more than enough reasons to do so – and it has something to do with Evan getting to play God of War III before all of us… that dirty, dirty man.

This week’s podcast features the oh-so sexy voices of myself, Joel Taveras, Chad Awkerman, and Al Zamora. What happened to Evan? Oh, as stated above, he’s up and about attending a Sony event in Los Angeles which entitles him to play a bunch of Sony games coming up which, of course, includes the almighty exclusive God of War III. Evan… we sincerely hate you like Ugandan women hate eating Lung fish. Evan’s escapades at the Sony even will be discussed in next week’s ShockCast where he will also answer any questions you guys pitched on his post.

With not-so-much content this week, we kept this week’s podcast a bit on the short side. We touched upon Nintendo’s release dates for the DSi XL, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the long-awaited Metroid: Other M. Following these topics, we dive into the rumors circulating the internet regarding Valve porting Steam over to the Mac. That and much more! Hope you guys enjoy!