DualShockers ShockCast Episode 7

DualShockers ShockCast Episode 7


With the release of Final Fantasy XIII this week – and the plethora of God of War III reviews that have been tossed out by major publications, things have been a bit… well, a bit hectic, I would say. With Senior Contributing Editor Chad Awkerman frantically shaking like a heroin addict going through withdrawal for Final Fantasy XIII, and my eyes bleeding from all the God of War III I’ve been playing, this podcast is filled with the controversial reviews that both games have been receiving, and our very own opinions on how we have, so far, perceived these games from a personal perspective.

“Sadly (yes, the quotations indicate a bit of exaggeration),” Evan wasn’t on this ShockCast due to the fact that he was in San Francisco attending an EA event consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol, and mingling with industry folks as he casually represents DualShockers.

However, with Evan’s absence, two of our contributing writers have decided to pop their cherry by recording their very first DualShockers ShockCast with the inhumane original cast. Contributing writers Jon Ireson and Drew Mills both pitch in their voices and join in the mayhem of gaming discussions.

We touch base on Activision’s and Infinity Ward’s new beef, the controversial review that’s been plaguing the internet with both God of War III and Finaly Fantasy XIII. This ShockCast is filled with good fun. Listen in, give us feedback, and we hope you enjoy episode seven of the DualShockers ShockCast.