DualShockers Staff’s Top Announcements from E3 2015

DualShockers Staff’s Top Announcements from E3 2015

This year’s E3 was certainly the most electric one we’ve seen in years, with plenty of exciting new announcements and titles making their debut on the stage from Halo 5 to Kingdom Hearts 3 to The Last Guardian to Horizon: Zero Dawn to the Final Fantasy VII remake to even Xbox One’s backwards compatibility reveal.

We at DualShockers had our own choice announcements — the one’s that made us cry, cheer, jump up and scream, shock us into silence — and we’ll be sharing each of our top three reveals from E3 2015.


Steven Santana, Staff Writer

Final Fantasy VII Remake

After years of google searches yielding no official information, after years of teases such as Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core‘s ending, and the massive troll that was the Final Fantasy VII PS4 announcement at PlayStation Experience, we have finally gotten a trailer.

Final Fantasy VII is being remade, and will come to us eventually. I have my doubts that certain scenes (crossdressing) will fit well in the graphics of modern times but I am still very excited to see one of my favorite JRPGs get updated.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

It will be a slow rollout, and probably won’t be 100% of the Xbox 360’s library, but the ability to play not only Xbox 360 games, but also Xbox Live Arcade games, is awesome. It means I can go back and finish Shadow Complex, finally play Braid, and beat Alan Wake once again without having to purchase an Xbox 360 again.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

We knew Guerilla was finally going to be working on something not Killzone, and concept art leaks from way back when showed us robot dinosaurs fighting people from the stone age. I knew it would be shown at the press conference, but I was still very impressed by what was shown.

A female protagonist using a bow as the main weapon, which requires precise shots, and of course, ROBOT DINOSAURS! It will be a long wait for this game, but I really don’t mind so long as it turns out as great as that reveal trailer.

HorizonsZeroDawn (7)

Giuseppe Nelva, News Editor

Final Fantasy VII Remake

I was on Skype with the rest of the staff to coordinate the coverage of the conference, and I’ll just say that I hyperventilated a bit, my voice broke up due to the burst of emotions, and someone who will remain unnamed asked if I was having an orgasm. No. I’m not joking. And no. I wasn’t having an orgasm. Almost.


The dark horse of the conference. No one really knew it was coming, and it captivated me with a small teaser that shown almost nothing. Yoko Taro, PlatinumGames, and Akihiko Yoshida, which is one of my favorite artists ever, all in one package of awesome? Where do I sign?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

There were honestly a ton of things fighting for this place. 24 cars on track for Forza Motorsport 6, backwards compatibility on Xbox One, Shenmue 3, the smashing Uncharted 4 demo, The Last Guardian and more. Guerrilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn pulls ahead by a few inches because I’m a sucker for RPGs (if you didn’t already notice from the first two places), I love open world games, the game looked absolutely gorgeous, the gameplay seems extremely fun, and it’s mecha dinosaurs. Come on… Mecha. Dinosaurs.

chrome16/06/2015 , 11:18:40Shenmue 3 by Ys Net — Kickstarter - Google Chrome

Christian Chiok, Staff Writer

Shenmue 3

When Shenmue 3 made its appearance during E3, I internally screamed like a schoolgirl. Naturally, as a fan of the franchise, it was obligatory for me to contribute to the game’s funding (with a large amount no less). It definitely took many painful years, but I’m glad I, or we rather, get to finally experience the rest of Ryo Hazuki’s story.

The Last Guardian

As a huge fan of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which I own for both the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3, I was pretty stoked when they finally revealed a release window for the game as well as its platform. While I may have been skeptical if the game ever was going to release, I’m really glad that I have’t given up hope and I am really excited to play the game.

For Honor

As a fan of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, which I used to play regularly last year, I was really excited when For Honor got revealed, as it basically looked like the former on steroids. It looks like the kind of game which will require good strategy and close combat skills, and from the gameplay footage shown, it appears that matches can get pretty intense. I will definitely be on the lookout for this game.


Jorge Jimenez, Staff Writer

Shenmue 3

Much like the Final Fantasy VII remake, I never thought I would have ever seen the end of the Shenmue trilogy in my lifetime. The time I spent racing forklifts and looking for sailors were some of the best moments of my life. I can’t wait to see how much its Kickstarter makes.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The only PS4 exclusive demo during the Sony Presser that really excited me. I’m glad to see Guerrilla Games finally moving on from Killzone to something truly original and exciting. It also has robot dinosaurs and let’s face it, that’s so damn cool.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

This is first instance we have seen in a while of Microsoft taking the offensive to dominate the holiday season and while also throwing some serious shade at Playstation’s PS Now service. Sony and Microsoft are determined to one-up each other and at the end of the day it’s the gamers that win.


Jason Tinley, Staff Writer

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The addition of backwards compatibility to the Xbox One is in my opinion, the biggest reveal of the conference, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even own a One. While not all titles will work at launch, it doesn’t matter, because in terms of competing with PS4, not all titles work on PlayStation Now anyways, not to mention having to subscribe/pay for games again even if you own them with Now.

I’ll be curious to see just what titles get support when the feature launches, and how they’ll determine which titles to bring support to in the future. The only hiccup I could see with the feature is that since all these games must be downloaded, One owners will be filling their harddrives faster than ever.

The Last Guardian

This one will likely be on everyone’s list and deservedly so. Six years after its initial unveiling and we finally will be seeing it come to the light of day, not to mention coming to PS4. While I won”t be seeing the rest of the behind closed doors demo until tomorrow, the gameplay shown during the opening of Sony’s press conference was enough to reignite my love for Team Ico’s unique style of game.


The combination of Inafune and the team behind Metroid Prime is one I never knew I wanted, and now I can’t wait to see more of what that combination has created. While we don’t have too many details, I’m glad to see Microsoft investing in a brand new IP like this. Just judging from the trailer it looks like those cores could be used in some super intriguing ways, and I’m exited to learn more about the world they’ve built for ReCore.


Ryan Meitzler, Staff Writer

E3 2015 has surely been a busy, busy week for gaming: compared to hopping onto E3 for the first time last year, this year’s convention surely felt more lively and bustling with tons of great games being shown and plenty of surprises coming from the press conferences from Sunday and Monday.

Though this was my second E3, the top three announcements/surprises that took away the show for me were a combination of personal favorites, big surprises, and some of the trends I noticed coming from the show this year:

The Last Guardian

Obviously this was one of the biggest bombs that Sony was able to drop during its press conference on Monday night, and boy was it emotional, surprising, and exciting to see the long-awaited The Last Guardian alive and coming to PS4 next year.

After having my hopes and dreams dashed by the cancellation of Silent Hills for PS4 earlier this year, I truly can’t contain how exhilarating it was to see The Last Guardian back on stage, and even if it’s not coming until next year, I’ll be counting down the days until it’s back once more.

Microsoft Going on The Offensive

Although this wasn’t necessarily an “announcement” per se, one of the biggest takeaways I had from this year’s E3 2015 was the entirety of Microsoft’s press conference, and how the company crafted a show that was taught and full of reveals at a quick pace.

From a direct jab at Sony with the shocking Xbox 360 backwards compatibility announcement to an emphasis on the here-and-now for games coming this year, I give immense credit to Microsoft for crafting one of their best press conferences in years that was short, sweet, and to the point for games primarily coming this year.

Fallout 4

On a personal level, the game that I had the most excitement for going into E3 was easily Fallout 4 — even if the game was announced well prior to E3 2015, the gameplay reveal and release date announcement for the game at Bethesda’s press conference on Sunday night left an incredibly huge grin on my face.

From the hugely unexpected reveals of its (presumably) in-depth crafting and upgrading systems to the ability to completely build your own fallout shelter in a vein similar to Minecraft, everything that Bethesda revealed for Fallout 4 kept me wanting more and, most importantly, will have me counting down the minutes until the game’s release this November.


Yaris Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Undoubtedly one of the biggest announcements of E3, the Final Fantasy VII remake unveil gave me the chills. A monumental game that redefined RPGs in the 32-bit era, being able to re-experience the story using today’s visual fidelity, cinematic gameplay, and means of storytelling is going to be an adventure that fans will gladly revisit. It’s something that I am sure every fan of the franchise is going to embrace, given the reception at the announcement.

Microsoft HoloLens

Having amazing titles to play is an amazing thing to have as gamers, regardless of console preference. How we experience those games, however, is what sets everything apart. The HoloLens presentation, literally, took my breath away. It is a piece of technology that — if followed through correctly — can enhance our immersion to the worlds of games and, potentially, even change the way we play overall.

Of course, although the technological demo on Minecraft was astounding; but, it isn’t too much about the practicality of its use (as we have seen what it is capable of) but more on how consistent it will be, as we have clearly seen through two generations the support — or lack thereof — given to peripherals that were meant to change how we experience and interact with games. Hopefully, HoloLens doesn’t join the list of casualties.

Shenmue 3

This took everyone by surprise. Fans of the series filled the conference arena with cheers and applause as Yu Suzuki took the stage to announce the probability of Shenmue 3 coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC with the help of a Kickstarter campaign (which has met more than it’s initial $2,000,000.00 pledge). For most of us, there wasn’t the slightest bit of hope that a third installment would be developed given the decade old hiatus. So to have Suzuki make the announcement was very much so unexpected but, even more so, welcomed.

chrome16/06/2015 , 19:44:36SquareEnixPresents - Twitch - Google Chrome

Allisa James, Reviews Editor

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Seeing Guerilla Games’ new IP was a true feast for the eyes. A colorful world with beautiful fantasy aesthetics and exciting combat had my blood pumping. Not to mention the female protagonist is a total armored badass who fights giant mecha DINOSAURS.

Kingdom Hearts 3

After years of stuttering and stalled development, seeing lovely new gameplay set in the Tangled universe (which I adore) and a redesigned Sora was quite the pleasant shocker. And can I just emphasize how much I love Sora’s new look? Sleek and more fittingly cartoony than his previous outfit, with a splash of red, he blends in incredibly well with the worlds of Disney this time around.

Tokyo RPG Factory and Project SETSUNA

This announcement during Square Enix’s presser was obscured by the more “exciting” reveals before it. However, the prospect of Enix actually creating a new development studio solely for new JPRGs is a dream come true. Not to mention how wonderful it is to see a company invest some much in creation amidst the sequel and remake heavy current generation.


Joel Taveras, Deputy Editor

Final Fantasy VII Remake

I almost didn’t want to choose this one. Because it’s Square Enix and Final Fantasy‘s track record (when it comes to timing) tells us we probably won’t be seeing this anytime before 2018. And that’s why its announcement was bitter sweet to me (after the madness died down). However, the impact of the initial announcement, that moment when when we see Barrett and Cloud walking and the audience’s reaction was just classic.

Microsoft HoloLens

This is the future. Watching that Minecraft demo come to life really made me realize how far gaming has come and think about where it might go. But then Jorge shared with us (in his Halo 5: Guardians preview) how Microsoft used HoloLens during his pre-gameplay briefing and essentially recreated the games multiplayer map in front of his eyes, so that he can map out his strategy before playing. Essentially, this is like the real life version of preparing for a trench run on the death star. I am so in.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

New IP. Sure, I picked FFVII as one of my favorite announcements, but that’s in a different category than the usual sequel fatigue we see year in and year out at E3. And so seeing Herman Hulst from Guerrilla Games come out and show us something completely different (that featured 100% less Helghast in it) it was exciting.

That coupled with an interesting female protagonist, impressive combat and amazing visuals (which Guerrilla is known for), made me instantly want to know everything about the game. It also doesn’t hurt that the games character used a cross bow against a mecha dinosaur. What’s more E3 than that?


Kenneth Richardson, Staff Writer

So much happened at this year’s show that it is truly difficult to isolate any small handful of announcements that made the biggest impact on me. This has truly been one of the most exciting shows I’ve witnessed thus far.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This is so incredibly exciting that I barely have the words. E3 2015 will be remembered for many years to come as the show where in a single swoop Square Enix redeemed themselves for years of questionable performance. I have no doubt that as people are returning home and the dust settles behind the show, the Final Fantasy VII remake is the one thing people can’t stop talking or thinking about.

Fallout 4

I was blown away to learn that Fallout 4 would actually be releasing this year. Bethesda basically always announces a game one year and then releases it the following year. I don’t think anybody could have imagined that Fallout 4 would be in our hands in 2015. So not only do we have so many exciting things to look forward to going into next year in beyond, but we’ve got an epic release right around the corner. It’s so thrilling.

Nier and Square Enix X Platinum Games

Lots of games appeared at E3 and lots of them looked amazing, such as Kingdom Hearts 3. But the reveal that blew me away most after FFVII was definitely the collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games.

These two Japanese titans joining forces for anything could be absolutely incredible, but that they’re teaming up for a PS4 exclusive that is also connected to the dark fantasy RPG Nier sends my hype levels into the stratosphere. Square Enix level story, character and world design partnered with Platinum Games gameplay chops should be remarkable.

StarOcean5 (28)

Kevin Sanchez, Staff Writer

The Last Guardian

I remember my first time playing Shadow of The Colossus was when PSN + was offering it for free which was sweet since I never owned a PS2. Although I was late to the party, I was still able to appreciate the title as if I was playing it when it first released. Then I played ICO and while it wasn’t as action packed as Shadow, I still loved it just as much. Seeing The Last Guardian after many years of waiting finally getting a release window, I can say with confidence that I can finally die happy.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity And Faithfulness

I was introduced to the Star Ocean series when the fourth installment came out for the Xbox 360. Although it wasn’t the best way to start (especially given the English Dub and Story wasn’t all that great) the gameplay was definitely fun and addicting which kept me going. I’m hoping this time around the game gets a better dub, but regardless it looks day one for me.

Kingdom Hearts 3

I didn’t think we would see footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 until Tokyo Game Show, but I’m glad I was wrong. The game looks great! Visually it looks amazing and the gameplay is what you’d expect from the Kingdom Hearts series. I will definitely be watching this title closely and praying for a PC version *drools*.