DualShockers' Video Game Valentines for 2018

Can YOU feel the love tonight? In celebration of Valentine's Day, here are the characters that make the DualShockers' staff's hearts go BOOM.

By DualShockers Staff

February 14, 2018

Here at DualShockers, we love video games. But more than that, we also love the characters of video games – the ones that we go on countless adventures with, and the ones that make us love our passion for games even more.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re continuing our annual tradition of looking back at the characters that we know and love from some of our favorite video games (both past and present). Whether you’re single or in love, read on below for DualShockers‘ Video Game Valentines for 2018:

Noah Buttner, Staff Writer
Kulu-Ya-Ku, Monster Hunter: World

I’ve been in a serious relationship for the past few weeks now. Things have gotten pretty serious, but I’ve started to think that it has devolved into something unhealthy. My partner loves antiques and as much as I try to respect that, I just can’t help knocking them out of their hands. Not to mention, I always have to hunt them down when I need some materials. I think Kulu-Ya-Ku is beautiful and quirky, but that doesn’t stop people from hunting it down, smacking its belongings out of its hands, and then proceeding to sleep bomb it into oblivion.

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There’s something near and dear to my heart about this monster that has prevented me from hunting it all together. I don’t feel like I’m hunting a dangerous monster. Instead, I feel as though you’re smashing Kulu-Ya-Ku’s dreams…or pots. Monster Hunter: World has a lot of big baddies that deserve a stern beating. Nergigante, Diablos, Vaal-Hazak, and Odogaron all look like they want to eat you, but Kulu-Ya-Ku just wants to build its collection. So this Valentine’s Day, consider leaving it alone. Hunt someone else instead. But whatever you do, please don’t break the pot…or the egg.

Lou Contaldi, Editor-in-Chief
Mugman, Cuphead

Enough said.

Taylor Lyles, Staff Writer
Jimmy Hopkins, Bully

If you know me personally, you would know that 2006 just happens to be one of my favorite years of gaming ever. Several of my favorite games of all time (Bully, Dead Rising, and Okami) were released that year. So after putting a lot of thought into it, I decided that the character I want to recognize this year is none other than James “Jimmy” Hopkins from the PS2 title Bully.

Despite the title of the game, what makes Jimmy Hopkins one of my most beloved characters is that he only bullies those who deserve it. Even when the odds are against him throughout the entire game, Jimmy stays true to himself and proves to everyone that bullying someone isn’t cool, but neither is taking anyone’s crap.

Ryan Meitzler, Features Editor
Cayde-6, Destiny

What can I say? I like a funny guy, and I’d let Cayde-6 be my Vanguard any day of the week…if you know what I mean.

But in all seriousness, Cayde-6 is my Valentine this year thanks to his infallible sense of humor, and Nathan Fillion because…well, because it’s Nathan Fillion.

Through all my hours in Destiny 2 over the course of last year, Cayde-6 was the character that kept me going and I always enjoyed his antics throughout the adventure. Say what you will about Destiny and its questionable sense of storytelling, but Cayde-6 is arguably one of the series’ best characters, and one of the funniest jokesters around.

Logan Moore, Staff Writer
Toadsworth, Super Mario Sunshine

Experience. Wisdom. Diapers. These are all things that come with age and are often overlooked by many when choosing a lover. While the allure of a spry, young go-getter might be desirable to some, for me, I want someone who has been around the block before. Someone who uses old, outdated catchphrases. Someone that has a rad mustache.

That’s why my Valentine for 2018 is none other than the sage Toadsworth.

What can I say? I love myself a good renaissance man. Toadsworth over the course of his career has served next to royalty, hosted a Mario Party, and even tried his hand at baseball at the ripe old age of sixty. All of these noble, varied careers haven’t only made Toadsworth even more attractive in my eyes, but they’ve undoubtedly filled his pockets with money. I won’t lie, I’m looking for a sugar daddy and Toadsy—that’s my pet name for him—surely has coins in droves.

I’m also surprised at how well my sweet Toadsworth can get around at his age, which makes me think that he’d still be quite lively in the bedroom. I often catch myself daydreaming from time to time imagining what it’s like to lotion up that luscious mushroom head. Oh, and the cane that Toadsworth carries around? I have a few ideas of what I’d love to do with that cane.

At the end of the day, is it strange that I wanna date someone the same age as my grandfather? No, it’s absolutely not — don’t kink-shame me. Toadsworth is both a scholar and a gentleman and he’ll almost surely be dead soon enough that I’ll be able to inherit the entirety of his estate.

Giuseppe Nelva, Executive News Editor
Irisdina Bernhard, Schwarzesmarken

Most Westerners probably know Irisdina from the anime Schwarzesmarken, but she actually stars in the visual novel series with the same name. Schwarzesmarken is a prequel to the better known Muv-Luv games. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been localized in English yet, but it’s one of the franchise’s most fascinating stories. It’s set in East Germany in 1983, during the invasion of Europe by the terrifying alien race named BETA.

Irisdina is the commanding officer of the 666th TSF Squadron “Schwarzesmarken” (for those unfamiliar with the series, a TSF, or Tactical Surface Fighter, is a mecha inspired by modern-day fighter jets designed to fight on even ground against the BETA). On one side she has to fight against an overwhelming alien threat that has been swallowing half of Europe, killing everyone in its wake, on the other side she has to watch her back against the machinations of the Stasi agents, while also dealing with the ghosts of her past.

She is beautiful, determined, a revolutionary, an extremely skilled TSF pilot and leader, and she is ultimately absolutely badass, while still able to display her more vulnerable side on the right occasion. What else can you ask of a video game heroine?

We here at DualShockers wish all of our readers (and their loved ones) a Happy Valentine’s Day – have a favorite Video Game Valentine of your own? Let us know in the comments down below!

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