DualShockers' Video Game Valentines for 2019

Love is in the air...for video game characters, that is. The DualShockers staff is sharing our love for our Video Game Valentines in 2019.

By DualShockers Staff

February 14, 2019

When you’re spending dozens upon dozens of hours playing a video game, you can’t help but grow attached to certain characters. No, not in a weird way…just in the kind of way that makes us love them from the start of a journey to reaching the very end, and seeing how they’ve grown and changed along the way. Or, you know, trying to unlock those romance options that you’ve been seeking for the entire game; that too.

As per our annual tradition, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving our praise to the video game characters that we’ve come to know and love, whether it’s their charm, their good looks, or anything in between. Whether you’re single or in love, read on below for DualShockers‘ Video Game Valentines for 2019:

Ben Bayliss, Staff Writer

Pathfinder, Apex Legends

There was a time in which I never thought I’d fall for any other robot other than Portal 2’s Wheatley. However, it’s 2019 and you’ve come into my life, dear Pathfinder. We met only hours after the Apex Legends Super Bowl reveal when I was going through the Legends available to choose. You stood out, with your quirky charm, and your gigantic robot crotch.

However, it wasn’t only your personality that won me over: it was the fact I could easily read your emotions by looking to your heart. Through your rough, battered screen, I knew how you were feeling. I wanted to look after you on the battlefield. I felt bad that you were so tattered, and rusty, so I strived to earn more Crafting Metals to finally get you a Quicksilver skin.

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And now here we are: you and I taking to the battlefield together, always there to overcome obstacles with your grapple and your zip-line. Our personalities fit together just as well as when I recharge your shield cells, and I hope we celebrate many wins and forgive one another through our losses.

Chris Compendio, Staff Writer

9S, NieR: Automata

Nines is a very good boy—just look at him. Loyal, hard-working, and so full of emotions, 9S was my rock during my many playthroughs of NieR: Automata. He serves as a very necessary contrast to the quiet and somewhat tepid 2B, but the two grow to be quite the dynamic duo despite their personality clash.

Most importantly, just marvel at 9S’s look with me. The blindfold, the choker, the boots, leather jacket, and…let’s call them combat shorts? As someone currently with silver-colored hair and going through a sort-of goth phase, consider me enamored. I couldn’t tell you how far my love for 9S extends, whether I want such an android as my companion or if I want to straight-up be 9S. Wherever I land on, just know that Nines, more than most other video game or fictional characters in general, will serve as my guiding light.

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Ryan Meitzler, Features Editor

Sadie Adler, Red Dead Redemption 2

At first glance, I wouldn’t have said that Sadie would have been my type of gal. She’s crass and a bit rough-and-tumble, and I fully expect that she would kick my ass in a fight. But that being said, after spending so much time roaming the wilderness of Red Dead Redemption 2 with the rugged Arthur Morgan, handsome as he is, I think it was Sadie Adler who ultimately stole my heart by the story’s heartbreaking, blood-soaked ending.

From her introduction in the snowy intro in the game’s beginning, to her transformation into a truly badass outlaw at its conclusion, it’s easy to see why Sadie Adler became such an instant fan favorite in Red Dead Redemption 2. Her willingness to embrace the outlaw life and not let other men drag her down only made me admire her even more, and while there are plenty of other members of the Van der Linde gang that I would love to know more about, Sadie is the character that I’d like to ride off into the sunset with the most…if she doesn’t kill me, first.

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Michael Ruiz, Staff Writer

Fox McCloud, Star Fox

Everybody loves a heroic bad boy and Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series is about as badass and heroic as they come. Cool jacket? Check. Drives a cool vehicle? Check. Saves the galaxy by fighting a floating head? Check.

Every single day, I think of my anthropomorphic compadre. Honestly, I have no idea why I have this weird attachment to this character. But it has deeply penetrated the recesses of my thoughts and I don’t think it will ever go away. For example, I basically lost my marbles when I heard the Star Fox fleet was going to be in Starlink: Battle for Atlas during last year’s Ubisoft press conference. It was uncalled for, and I’m sorry.

I’m going to be honest with you, it was hard between choosing Fox McCloud or Mr. Star Wolf himself, Wolf O’Donnell (who also happens to be coming to Starlink). I mean, he has that sick purple jacket and also flies a really cool ship. But he serves Andross and that is something I just can’t get behind. It’s like when someone chooses Star Trek over Star Wars; they were right to. Which is why Fox McCloud is my Star Trek and Wolf O’Donnell will always be Star Wars.

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Steven Santana, Staff Writer

Bayek, Assassin’s Creed Origins

My Video Game Valentine this year is Bayek of Siwa. Despite the loss of his son, Bayek doesn’t give in to despair or bitterness. He is stronger than that, continuing to be able to smile, love his wife, and eagerly take on the problems that are causing his people trouble, from the mundane to the life-threatening.

As a Medjay, Bayek welcomes any opportunity to help the citizens of Egypt, even while on the hunt for those who killed his son and caused him great pain. Despite his grief, he still is able to loosen up and spend some time with old friends, even beating them up after too much drinking when they insult his homeland. Not only can Bayek hold his own against the corrupt rulers of his home, but he is also an excellent hide-and-seek player with the children of whatever city he may be visiting at the time.

Bayek is charming, kind, and selfless. He refuses to be defined by the loss of his son, an unbearable burden that he shoulders without losing his endearing personality. That is why Bayek is my Video Game Valentine.

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We here at DualShockers wish all of our readers (and their loved ones) a Happy Valentine’s Day – have a favorite Video Game Valentine of your own? Let us know in the comments down below!

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