DualShockers' Video Game Valentines for 2020

There are just too many video game characters to love these days. In honor of Valentine's Day, the DualShockers staff shares our Valentines.

With Valentines’s Day once again here, we here at DualShockers (as in years past) wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate our favorite gaming characters, aka our own Video Game Valentines. You don’t have to be single, in a relationship, or anywhere in-between to admire these incredible characters, and we hope that you love them all as much as we do.

James Bowers, Staff Writer

Liara, Mass Effect

I love a good RPG, and getting to see a character grow into themselves is where narrative design rocks the most. This is nowhere more prevalent than in the Mass Effect trilogy, which has a rich cast of memorable characters. That said, Liara T’Soni is the best of the bunch. When Shepherd meets her, she is an introverted scientist, digging away at the grandest secrets that the galaxy has to offer. She’s work-driven, with barely any social skills, and that’s what makes her so endearing. Despite how bleak things get throughout the saga, her upbeat and dependable persona anchors the team; it’s an attractive trait.

She’s genuinely a good person, without an ulterior motive to speak of. This is incredibly surprising, given she is the daughter of two Asari, something her culture frowns upon. Despite the taboo nature of her conception, and the ostracism she must have experienced because of it, she still sees the good in people. Her vendetta against the darkness of the Shadow Broker goes to show that her morale compass is in the right place, even if it gets her in hard to handle situations. Her rise from nervous scientist to the new Shadow Broker, is an example of her strength of character in the pursuit of the greater good. She’s stubbornly loyal to those around her to the bitter end, and I wouldn’t want any other teammate watching my back. Also; she’s cute.

Otto Kratky, Staff Writer

Doomguy, DOOM

What do you look for in your Video Game Valentine? I know some folks are going for their Lara Crofts, or maybe you want someone who can cook, like Link a la Breath of the Wild. But what I’m looking for in my Valentine isn’t just good looks or coolness. I want someone who could lift me up and help make me a better version of me.

My Valentine this year is Doomguy. Sure, we’ve only ever seen Doomguy on the battlefield, eviscerating hordes of demons, but what do you think he’s like when he gets home and takes off the praetor suit? Based on what we’ve seen of DOOM Eternal, he’s a hobbyist; tinkering with his suit, and adding new blades and flamethrowers to it. He’s a bodybuilder – let’s be honest, demon stomping is just cardio – so you’ll have a great gym partner.

But most of all, Doomguy has an indomitable spirit. He never bends, never breaks, and as a partner, wouldn’t let you do the same. On the outside, Doomguy might seem like a war-machine, a husk of a man. But under the gore, armor and scars, he’s a supportive person, brimming with their own imagination that strives to be the best they could possibly be. The only thing he won’t rip and tear out is your heart.

Ryan Meitzler, Features Editor

Dante, Devil May Cry

What can I say? I can’t resist a bad boy.

For our Video Game Valentines every year, I’ve usually had a mix of newer characters introduced in recent games and some old favorites, and this year I just couldn’t resist getting to admire one of my all-time favorite characters, Devil May Cry‘s Dante. I have been a huge fan of the series for some time, and a large part of that comes from his endless charm, charisma, and badass demon-hunting skills. But even more than that, it’s the fact that Dante is just Capital H Hot, pure and simple.

Sexy red leather jacket? Check. Humor and wit? Check, and check. Bigass sword to defend you with? Check. For me, Dante checks pretty much all of the boxes right away, and what more from a partner could you ask for? I mean, the man can DANCE. For me, there is no other character I’d want to get a SSStylish combo with.


Logan Moore, Managing Editor

Sonic the Hedgehog

For many, Valentine’s Day might be a day filled with love and happiness, but for me this year, it is a day filled with sadness and sorrow. In 2020, Valentine’s isn’t just a day when we celebrate love, but it’s also the day that Sonic the Hedgehog releases in theaters around the world.

While some might be happy to go see this film in the coming days, for me, it is just another reminder that my one true love, Sonic’s original character design, is no longer with us. Yes, while you were hating on what Sonic looked like and demanded that the powers that be make a change, I was enamored with the blue hedgehog. His demonic looking teeth and nimble eyes were the epitome of attractiveness to me.

When I first heard Sonic say “Meow?” I knew my life was forever changed. But alas, my former love is now dead and in his place stands a hideous looking monstrosity. Valentine’s Day this year does nothing except remind me of the broken heart that I still have all these months later. The only hope that I have moving forward is that Sega will right these wrongs in Shadow’s feature length debut.

Laddie Simco, Staff Writer

Sir Daniel Fortesque, MediEvil

Sir Dan Fortesque from MediEvil was the first video game character that I fell in love with. He’s far from perfect and doesn’t really fit the heroic leading man role in looks or character. He’s missing his jawbone and one eye, the latter injury serving as a harsh reminder that he died not as a hero, as his legend suggests, but rather a laughingstock who fell from the first arrow fired at the battle of Gallowmere. After being dead for a hundred years, his nemesis Zarok has unwittingly resurrected Dan, and it gives him a second chance to redeem his honor by defeating Zarok and his evil army for real this time.

What Sir Dan lacks in heroic qualities is made up for with a quirky sense of humor and determination to prove that anyone can be a hero. His gameplay is a bit old-fashioned and clunky, but with a few new cosmetic upgrades, Sir Dan still has the swagger to make me swoon. He’s a charming fellow who taught me how to appreciate video games for more than just superficial reasons. MediEvil was the game that really shaped who I am as gamer even to this day and most certainly propelled my love of gaming to the next level. Sir Dan wasn’t my first, nor will he be my last, but he will forever hold a special place in my stained glass heart.

Josh Starr, Staff Writer

Lucina, Fire Emblem

Valentine’s Day 2020 is upon us, and there’s one girl who’s been on my mind more than any other: Lucina. I remember when I first laid my eyes upon you in the Spring of 2012. I was in a Las Vegas hotel room, and while my parents enjoyed the Vegas night-life, I was too young to experience it, and you kept me company throughout. You were so mysterious, majestic, and powerful while you carried me through Fire Emblem Awakening: my favorite Fire Emblem game, and one that keeps me returning to my 3DS every few months.

Just when I thought my affinity for you couldn’t grow any stronger, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released. Essentially, all of my gaming experience since I’ve been in college has been Smash Bros., and the second I unlocked you, I never looked back. You sprint so gracefully across the stage, your sword is impossibly powerful, and your tricky counter always catches our opponents off-guard.

Without you, I’m lost–seriously though, Lucina is the only character I know how to play. Of my 50 hours of Smash, 44 have been spent with you. Together we are unstoppable, and always manage to pummel my roommates (unless they shamelessly gang up on me). Even in Fire Emblem Warriors, you were the only character I ever wanted to play as. Lucina, you are lovely, yet quick, powerful, and ruthless. Whether it’s Fire Emblem, or Smash Bros., I keep coming back to you; and why shouldn’t I? After all, together we are unstoppable. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Scott White, Staff Writer

The Aegis, Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Recently, I finally got around to completing Nintendo’s RPG-epic from 2017, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The old adage that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is as accurate today as it was back when it was first spoken. I took a two year hiatus from the game due to hitting an annoying progress wall I was too stubborn to push through. Reuniting with Rex, Zeke, and the rest of the crew reminded me just how much fun this game is, and how much I love my Aegis girl(s?).

My Video Game Valentine this year is the Aegis, Pyra/Mythra/Pneuma. These strong ladies all inhabit the same body (meaning they can all be my Valentine!), each with their own looks, personalities and interests. There is the crimson beauty, Pyra (kind and soft-spoken), my golden girl, Mythra (confident and strong), and my emerald angel, Pneuma, who is the combination of the best parts of both of her other-selves. The Aegis is a strong and resilient female figure in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and is an easy choice for my Video Game Valentine. The fact that she is also three bad-ass looking swords and can control a giant robot are just added bonuses.

From all of the staff at DualShockers, we wish all of our readers and their loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you have your own Video Game Valentine that you want to share? Let us know in the comments down below!

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