DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up August 14th Edition

DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up August 14th Edition

It was a short week with so much writing to go around.  As the Fall draws closer with the coming of enormous titles, I begin to ponder on whether or not my food supply is relevant in contrast to my gaming habit.  Nope.  I’m leaning towards spending what I get on my gaming needs and I’ll stick to buying Ramen soups for 35 cents a pop.

This week we pumped out tons of editorials.  A lot of them aimed at questioning the ethics of gaming, while some questioned the ethics of major companies.  And, of course, an editorial with touched on my vivid life growing up and how gaming helped me shy away the trials and tribulations that overwhelmed my life.  Next week you can expect us to continue bringing you guys much more reviews and strong editorials again.  We’ll keep delivering as long as you guys keep reading.  We’re also going to be unveiling a new surprise – an avid addition to our arsenal of writing.  What that surprise is won’t be unveiled until Monday.  Until then, keep your belts fastened.

We appreaciate your readership.  Thanks again, everyone!  For now, hit the jump to take a look at this weeks highlights:




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