DualShockers Weekend Wrap-up for April 23rd

on April 23, 2012 11:00 AM

Happy Monday! Another week has come and gone and it seems like the workload doesn’t want to ease up! Here at DualShockers, we’re already planning for the next big event: E3. Never fear! Just because we’re hard at work, doesn’t mean we won’t stop giving you the coverage that you’re looking for.

We’ve had some awesome gaming announcements this past week: our old friend Kratos is back and ready for some action. We also had a chance to check out the new Bethesda IP Dishonored and it was looking good. Keep your eyes peeled: our first impressions of Dishonored are on the way. Finally, it seems like Sony and Capcom will be announcing new titles this week– let the speculation begin! On a sad note, THQ continues having financial woes, Joel wrote an article asking the question: Is a Takeover Imminent at THQ or Do Potential Buyers Watch it Burn? At this moment, all we can do is speculate on what is happening over there ar THQ. What I do know is this: can only hope for the best.

On a positive note, our YouTube page is going strong thanks to you. We ‘re still dedicated to giving you  the best video interviews and reviews on the market. We’ve got some awesome giveaways planned that will only be available to YouTube so you may want to subscribe so you don’t miss out! Subscribe right here.

We’re still in the market for writers! If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the DualShockers crew, then you should totally apply.  For now, if you missed what happened last week, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks again guys.




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