DualShockers Weekend Wrap-up for March 19

DualShockers Weekend Wrap-up for March 19

Hi guys! Wow, what a week. Especially if you work at BioWare. The Mass Effect 3 controversy has been the talk of the town this past week.  Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the ending to Mass Effect and whether or not BioWare “delivered what they promised”. Fans, non-fans, and even the developers themselves threw in their two cents. Even Joel took some time to write a letter to the upset fans and weigh in on the fall out.  We’re not ashamed to admit that things got a little heated in ShockCast this week. That’s what awesome though! We love talking about video games. Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned debate on “gamer entitlement and the definition behind it?”

I will admit this: DualShockers has got some of the most opinionated readers out there, and we appreciate it when we can all sit down and have really great discussions.  Even though it seems like Mass Effect has been on every ones lips lately, we did manage to cover other news (shocking right?).  Here’s a summary of what happened last week.

Alexa  finished up her GDC coverage. She also reviews Journey, a fantastic game that really pushes the idea the video games are another form of artistic expression. Chistmas came a little early for Diableo III fans when Blizzard announced the Diablo III release date. In another unprecedented event, Wasteland 2, surpasses their $900,000 Kickstarter goal in two days. Are we witnessing a change in how the industry works? Is Kickstarter a good thing for gaming or a bad thing? I think we’ll all be asking these questions to ourselves these next couple of weeks.

We, at DualShockers, like to ask those uncomfortable questions. We also like to weigh in on things that are happening in the industry.  If we didn’t ask questions, what would be the point? We encourage you guys to do the same. Just don’t like, go overboard or anything.

Thanks again guys.


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