DualShockers Weekend Wrap-up for May 7th

DualShockers Weekend Wrap-up for May 7th

Wait, is it Monday already? Wasn’t it Friday like, two days ago? Time stops for no one! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Last week we had the pleasure of announcing that we had two new writers: David Rodriguez and Miranda Quillen. Well, this week is no different because we hired two more writers. When their profiles are live, we’ll add a link here so you guys can say hi to them and welcome them to DualShockers.

It’s seriously hard to believe that we’ll all be heading to E3 in a couple of weeks. We’re already setting up appointments and planning on how to get you guys up to the minute news and videos. We can hardly wait!

This week in the ShockCast, we took a step back, put on our big person pants, and asked the question: Why does everyone seem to hate EA? The resulting conversation was heated with opinions flying left and right. When you get a chance, listen to the podcast and let us know what you think! We had a huge announcement from Bethesda. The Elder Scrolls series was officially entering the MMO fray with: The Elder Scrolls Online. Miyamoto has an opinion about the P laystation Vita, and Nomura asks FFXIII Versus fans to please be patient

We appreciate your readership, guys!  Keep checking back. It’s going to get better and better.

Thanks again!