DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up September 12th Edition

DualShockers Weekend Wrap-Up September 12th Edition

This week was a huge week for the Dualshockers. We have made a few new editions to our editorial staff, and we welcome them to the team. Also, we had our first event that took place in New York, but there will be more on that in the next week. Highlights include, a pre-order bonus, a release date, some pirate pwning, and new Firmware.

As for editorials, we showed that we are not afraid to be critical of some of the best games on the market. We also covered the topic of what truly defines a hardcore gamer as such. Dualshockers also shows that it is not afraid to tackle political issues and stands up for what it truly believes in. Just remember that we won’t feed you an agenda, we keep it honest to our integrity.

We are keeping you all up to date with the latest videos and reviews. The reviews for this week can be described as the good, the bad, the ugly. Nothing that we were on the fence about, just good games and bad games.





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