DualShockers Weekly: Check Out The Most Popular News Stories Between January 10th and January 16th

We hope that this new week of January was nice for you and that you had time during your weekend to relax and play some awesome video games. It is now time for a new DualShockers Weekly. Grab a glass of  your favorite drink and check out our five most popular new stories between January 10th and January 16th:

1 – PS4 System Software Update 3.15 Now Available for Download on PlayStation Network

The PS4 received its system software update 3.15 this past week. You can now download it via the the console or through the web. Unsurprisingly, the patch notes don’t say much besides that it’s supposed to improve the quality of the system performance. I guess we will have to trust Sony on that.

2 – World of Tanks PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Screenshot Comparison: Definitely Not a Simple Port

Wargaming ported its popular game World of Tanks to consoles and the PS4 open beta started. While many of you might wonder if this is just a mere port, here is the best way to answer your question: we took several screenshots from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One editions of the game, trying to reproduce the same angle and situation. Will you be able to spot all the differences between the three versions? Be sure to take a look!

3 – Law Amendment Proposal Targeting Sexist Video Games Withdrawn in France

In France, legislation allows video game developers to benefit from a tax credit as long as the game does not include pornography or extreme violence. Several members of the French Parliament proposed an amendment to extend this exclusion to sexist video games and cut aid to games portraying women in a degrading manner. The Law Amendment was finally withdrawn. You can read the whole details in the article.

4 – Sony Makes Up for PSN Outage By Granting One-Day PlayStation Plus Extension

The PlayStation Network recently suffered from an outage that lasted for several hours. In order to compensate users for that, Sony Computer Entertainment made a make-up offer to PlayStation Plus subscribers: they were sent a code to redeem in order to receive a one day extension to their PlayStation Plus membership. As amusing as sending a one-day code may seem, these kinds of make-up offers may still be welcome for some.

5 – Xbox One Exclusive Gears of War 4’s Map Creation Process Explained; Devs Learned a Lot from Judgement

During a Q&A session, Lead Multiplayer Designer Ryan Cleven explained about the whole multiplayer map creation process behind Gears of War 4. Everyone from the team makes sure to play the game and study what made the previous Gears successful – or not -. The developers learned a lot from Gears of War: Judgement and gathered a lot of feedback from the community to help shaping the upcoming Xbox One game. You can learn about the map creation process more in detail in the article.

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