DualShockers Weekly: Check Out The Most Popular News Stories Between January 17th and January 23rd

First of all, the DualShockers team hopes that all of you are either safe or far away from the snowstorm, playing games at home or spending time with your loved ones.

Another week has passed, which means it’s time for another DualShockers Weekly! Check out our five most popular new stories between January 17th and January 23rd:

1 – Law Against “Sexist” Video Games Rejected in France; Proponent Blasts Quantic Dream’s Kara and More

It’s now Game Over for the French law amendment proposing to punish “sexist” video games by making them ineligible for local tax credits: the Assemblée Nationale finally rejected it. Among the games blasted by proponent, you can find: Quantic Dream’s Kara,  Assassin’s Creed Unity and Dishonored.  You can see the whole debate and the voting in the video included in the article.

Also, in case you missed the first episode, be sure to check out our fourth most popular news story this week before reading this one.

2 – Nikkei: Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI Expected to Sell Over a Million Each Despite Console Slump

The February issue of Nikkei Tredy published an article about the Japanese video game market. While smartphone games are quite a big hit in Japan, the magazine predicted that Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI will contribute to boosting console sales by selling over a million copies each. You can read more about this by checking the article.

3 – PlayStation Japan President Doesn’t Want PlayStation VR to Be a Fad, Explains Promotion Plans

During an interview with Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita explained the key elements to ensure that PlayStation VR won’t be just a trend that will fade away quickly and becomes a long-lasting entertainment experience. His promotion plans include: making the players feel like they are a part of the game, allowing people to experience the potential of the headset in stores and events and finally supporting game developers. Be sure to read the whole story if you are interested in VR.

4 – Law Amendment to Penalize “Sexist” Video Games Presented Again in France After Withdrawal

A law amendment proposal targeting video games deemed as “sexist” by excluding them from benefiting from local tax credits was first withdrawn last week in France. It was received with quite mixed reactions by developers from the French video games industry. The amendment was presented once again this week to the French parliament by thirteen members, led by Catherine Coutelle, President of the Delegation for Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities Between Men and Women. You can check out her intervention at the French Assemblée Nationale with the video included in the article.

If you want to know the outcome of this debate, be sure to read the second episode by checking out our most popular article this week.

5 – Microsoft Trademarks Name of Rare’s Nintendo 64 Classic Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini is a flashy third person shooter initially released by Rare in 1999 on Nintendo 64. Recently, Microsoft included the game in its compilation of Rare’s classics called Rare Replay. This week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a notice indicating that the house of Xbox finally trademarked the name “Jet Force Gemini“. Time will tell what might (or might not) come out of it. For now, you can check the article to know more about it.

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