DualShockers Xbox 360 Community PlayDate Update

DualShockers Xbox 360 Community PlayDate Update

Hello to everyone! I have to tell you all that the overwhelming interest in the upcoming October 11th DualShockers Community PlayDate is incredible. Our community of gamers and readers have come together and are looking to make this event awesome, for this we can’t thank you all enough.

Just some quick notes:
We have gotten hundreds of Friend requests and messages and appreciate them all. Unfortunately we can only have 100 Friends on Xbox Live a piece, so if you have one of us on your friends list please refrain from adding the other DualShockers team members.

If you want to play Halo ODST with us this Sunday the 11th please send us a message or join our Xbox Live party, if it is full please bear with us. I know there is a limit to how many messages we can send in a day, so we may become limited in communication via Live quickly.

Since ODST is capped at 4 players per game, we will have 1 DualShockers member per room running the matches so we can maximize the number of people we play with.

We will most likely be on before and after the official PlayDate time so look for us. Also if you guys are interested in playing anything else just let us know so we can try to set it up in advance.

Here are all the official details if you want to catch us on ODST. Prepare to drop in!