Duantless’ Dark Harvest Event Has Been Extended

Duantless’ Dark Harvest Event Has Been Extended

Dauntless Developers have announced the extension of the Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event, allowing players more time to unlock exclusive content.

Phoenix Labs, developer of the free-to-play-early-access monster slaying game Dauntless, announced today that their “spooktacular” items and special hunts would still be available beyond the original end date.

The Dark Harvest was added to the game alongside the “Forge Your Legend” updated which took player feedback into support to synthesize a ton of new features including a new tutorial experience, more customization features, and the Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event.

The Dark Harvest event itself sees new combinations of creatures teaming up to take on players, as well as Halloween-inspired hunts, seasonal items, and exclusive Dark Harvest timed rewards all within moonlit isles (complete with pumpkins for maximum spook). There are even unique pumpkin meals to craft such as soup, pie, and candy.

Those who are able to overcome the perils of the Dark Harvest also unlock permanent unique flares, sigils, and banners, as well as a new emote that will last you throughout the event.

December will bring about Dauntless’ next expansion which is set to include updates to the game’s progression and story including a new weapon and more combat abilities.

Dauntless is currently available on PC in its closed beta and will enter its open beta sometime in early 2018. Players who want to experience the closed beta need to purchase a Founder’s Pack. You can read our preview of the game here, as well as check out how the open beta was delayed to 2018.