Duct-Taped Gamer Meme Documentary is Apparently Coming Soon

The meme from 2003 which features a kid duct-taped to a beam while playing a Counter-Strike match with friends is getting a documentary.

LAN parties used to be a thing back before the internet was as good as it was today, and it was also a time when PC monitors were as bulky as your microwave. And one LAN party that took place in our timeline wound up becoming a meme.

You’ll have no doubt seen the meme reshared across the world wide web, maybe even on the Intranet while trying to edge yourself around the school’s firewalls using proxy services on your lunch break in the I.T. room. The meme I’m on about it the duct-taped gamer that shows a group of friends playing a game of the original Counter-Strike —way before Global Offensive was revealed— while one of those friends is…duct-taped to the ceiling.

And for some reason, this image that surfaced in 2003 is getting its own documentary. Drew Purvis, the poor lad who had to endure being taped up will star alongside the photographer, Brian Schaeffer and the best supporting actor in the photo, the roll of duct tape.

The documentary, created by Tyler Knowles is called Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer and looks to tell the true story behind the photo apparently, which took place in Mason, Michigan. The description says we’ll get to meet the friends that were involved in the “prank”, but it seems more like a planned photo to me…I guess that’s what we’ll find out through the documentary!

The trailer above features some sound clips from Counter-Strike as well as Mark Hamill’s voice taken from the Star Wars films. It seems to show everyone who took part in it explaining their point of view, there’s even a clip that shows someone really analysing the photo in-depth by zooming in.

It certainly seems like an insane documentary and one that could be good fun to watch at the weekend. It’s looking to release this year and is slated to be “coming soon”.

Personally, I speculate that this will be releasing on March 29, which was the exact date the photo appeared in 2003. It would make sense to release then, wouldn’t it? I’m more interested in whether this will spark the meme back into life.

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