Waifu Tower Defense Game Duel Princess Removed From Switch eShop

Duel Princess is now temporarily unavailable.

January 26, 2022

Duel Princess, the tower defense game from Qureate with JRPG and rogue-lite elements, was temporarily delisted from the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. Update: The US and Europe eShops removed the game as well.

Duel Princess is the newest game from Qureate, a Japanese developer which focuses on releasing anime-stylized games with cute girls and a lot of titillation. One of the most appealing features in Qureate’s games is the fact that they actually include an English localization. Some of the games’ PC versions also have eroge patches, adding in explicit content.

As a side note, a Steam release of Duel Princess was announced but has yet to happen. Qureate’s producer hinted on Twitter that Steam banned the game.

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Qureate’s Duel Princess gets removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop

As pointed out by our Japanese peers at Automaton, Duel Princess’ sales as of January 26 were suspended on Japan’s Switch eShop. The game was first released on January 13, 2022.

Duel Princess was still available in other regions outside Japan for several days. And I’ve confirmed first-hand the game was still available on the French eShop on January 26. Hinting the problem lies with Japan’s games rating system Cero.

Duel Princess was later removed from the US and Europe eShops too as of January 29. Players who already bought the game, but uninstalled it, can still redownload it. So it’s unlikely Nintendo itself banned the game.

Duel Princess trailer

Duel Princess will be back on the eShop at a later date

Qureate mentioned on Twitter Duel Princess will be back to the eShop at some point. The studio only cited “various reasons” for the game’s removal.

Duel Princess is rated Cero D in Japan for now. Personally speaking, I believe the game was removed because that rating was, post-release, deemed to be too low. So there would be two possibilities regarding what will happen next:

  • Qureate will slightly censor the game and bring it back with a Cero D rating.
  • Qureate won’t change anything in the game itself, but its rating will go up to Cero Z.

The second scenario is in my opinion the most likely outcome, but it could pose a risk for the game’s sales. Just as we explained in our Tsukihime Remake related coverage. What do you guys think? Did you already play Duel Princess? Tell us in the comments!

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