The Duelyst: Trials of Mythron Releases With a New Trailer

The Duelyst: Trials of Mythron Releases With a New Trailer

The free-to-play card-game adds the Trials of Mythron expansion, along with a shiny new trailer releasing simultaneously with the Duelyst expansion.

We recently reported on the new expansion for Duelyst and its new features that give players additional tactical gameplay mechanics and more than 100 new cards to go with it. The Trials of Mythron update released and gamers will now be able to take part in the new features, including the new Unranked Play. BANDAI Namco and Counterplay Games have also released a new trailer to pair with the sixth expansion for Duelyst.

The Intensify Mechanic can stack powerful effects every time the card is played. This Intensify boosting effect also includes buffing your spells, much in the same way as with minions. Playing Intensify on an Abyssian Bonecrusher at 0/3 will gain 5 attack each time it enters the battlefield. The first cast buffs it to a 5/3, and a then to a stunning 10/3 when played a second time, making Intensify a force to be reckoned with when using revived, duplicated, and/or cloned minions.

Any owned card in a player’s deck can now be used with the Unlimited Format in Unranked Play. If your favorite cards are not in the standard rotation anymore, then don’t be glum. You can also use those! Also, don’t forget about taking on the Unlimited Celebration quest. It is your chance to receive five Shimzar Orbs by playing seven games in the new Unlimited queue.

BANDAI NAMCO and Counterplay Games aren’t the only ones joining in on the Duelyst expansion release. Twitch Drops is a promotion where player can now go and receive three free Trials of Mythron Orbs by simply watching select Duelyst streamers on Twitch for at least 45 minutes. Want to appeal to your greedy tendencies a little more? Earn an additional three Trials of Mythron Orbs for simply logging in by April 30.

Duelyst is a free-to-play title that uses competitive card-play and can be played on PC or Mac. Trials of Mythron is also free through the Duelyst website and Steam. Want to know more? Check out the new release trailer below, or maybe read some patch notes instead.