Duelyst Getting New Cards and Mechanics With Trials of Mythron Expansion

Duelyst Getting New Cards and Mechanics With Trials of Mythron Expansion

Coming with over one-hundred new cards and mechanics to change up the gameplay and tactics, Duelyst's newest expansion will release later in the month.

Trials of Mythron has been announced by developer Counterplay Games and publisher Bandai Namco to be the sixth expansion for their collectible trading card game, Duelyst. Gamers of the collectible card game genre can find the sixth expansion, Trials of Mythron, later this month for Duelyst.

Those who own Duelyst may already receive a sneak peek of some cards that are schedule to release with the new content. Also, a new card will be revealed every weekday on the Duelyst Facebook and Twitter pages, so all past cards can be viewed there as well in addition to the newly-revealed cards.

Trials of Mythron adds boosts to card powers by using the new Intensify Mechanic. This works by playing the card’s power repeatedly. Mythron is the new title added to the card-rarity tier-set. Trial and Destiny is another gameplay mechanic using permanent augmentations for the remainder of games, but certain conditions must be met first before acquiring the Destiny effect.

Duelyst is free-to-play and can be played on PC platforms. Want to know more about the expansion? Watch the trailer below for a peek at the upcoming expansion and some of the new cards, powers, and more that it will provide: