Dues Ex Movie Still in the Works, Some Elements From Upcoming Games Have "Filtered Into the Script"

The live action Deus Ex movie is still ongoing, director Scott Derrickson said to IGN.

The film is still based around Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the characters, but apparently elements from upcoming entries into the Deus Ex universe have also made a small imprint.

The upcoming games… a little bit filtered into the script, but not a lot.

Working on the Deus Ex movie, Derrickson is aiming to explore the characters of Adam Jensen before he gets into the world of the game. A mistake many make with game adaptations, he says, is to focus too much on the game and not enough on strong characters.

What makes a good movie is always character first. So I think that the idea of starting with what was great about Jensen and deepening that in the process of the narrative, that was the starting point and I think all the game aspects came secondary to that.

Pre-production is still a ways off, Derrickson says, with the script still needing to be altered.

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