Dujanah Looks Awesomely Strange in New Trailer

Dujanah Looks Awesomely Strange in New Trailer

Upcoming PC clay-punk adventure game Dujanah shows off more of its anomalous nature with latest trailer.

Today, developer Jack King-Spooner released a new trailer for his upcoming clay-punk adventure game, Dunjanah. 

The new trailer — which comes in at a little over two minutes — is equally awesome looking as it is bizarre (my opinion, of course). I’ve personally now watched the trailer from start to finish three times, less unsure about the game’s nature with each viewing. Each time I watched it though it was almost trance-like. I honestly can’t put into words what the trailer is or what Dunjanah is — other than strange — but I want to see more.

During my time at DualShockers, I’ve encountered and covered what seems like an unimaginable amount of games — including a good amount of really weird ones. But I have to say, very few have made an impression on me like Dunjanah has. I’m generally a very placid guy — but there is something about Dunjanah that has left me very, very intrigued. I don’t know — maybe I’m going crazy.

Enough of that though, what’s the game about? Well, here’s a brief overview via its Kickstarter (where it successfully raised £6,729  page back in 2016):

Dujanah is a digital game for PC Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is an interactive narrative with a focus on exploration set in a fictional Islamic majority country that has an occupying military force. The protagonist and player character is a woman called Dujanah who has grievances with the intervening forces. During the game the player will encounter various moral, psychological and political dilemmas.

Notably, the world of Dujanah consists of clay animation and hand-crafted objects combined with photo-collage and paintings all augmented with digital effects to create a very unique visual look to the game that is inspired by Islamic art and architecture.

As for the game’s narrative, it is said to include randomized elements for players that encourage conversation outside the game. Further, the story will change depending on decisions made by the player, which in turn allows the game to end in a variety of outcomes.

Meanwhile, sound is also a very important part of Dunjanah (and if it’s anything like the sound in the trailer, I want lots more of it). In large parts serving as a mood setter for the world, the music in the game is performed with a variety of different recording techniques and uses a slab of different instruments.

Dujanah is said to be coming “soon” to PC, Mac, and Linux. How much it will cost, hasn’t been divulged. Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned trailer, as well a batch of the game’s screenshots: