Dujanah Set to Release Later This Week

Dujanah Set to Release Later This Week

Jack King-Spooner's equally strange and wonderful-looking new game casts you as a women in an islamic majority country occupied by military force.

Today, developer Jack King-Spooner announced that his clay-punk adventure game, Dujanah is set to release on September 9, one year, seven months, and 20 days after it first launched on Kickstarter (where it successfully raised £6,729 back in 2016).

For those that don’t know: Dujanah is an interactive narrative with a focus on exploring a fictional Islamic majority country that is occupied by a hostile military force. You play as a woman called Dujanah, who is said to have grievances with the intervening forces. During the game, the player will encounter various moral, psychological, and political dilemmas according to an official description.

The world of Dujanah is uniquely a combination of clay animation and hand-crafted objects with photo-collage and paintings, all augmented with digital effects to create a unique look inspired by Islamic art and architecture.

The game’s narrative includes randomized elements for players that are supposed to encourage conversation outside the game according to King-Spooner. Further, it consists of a branching story that will change based on decisions made by the player, which in turn leads to one of multiple endings.

Lastly, sound is also described as playing a very important part in Dujanah. Performed with a variety of different recording techniques, deploying multiple different instruments, everything I’ve heard so far of the game’s music sounds great, and has done a good job of conveying mood and tone.

Dujanah will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux when it launches. If you want, you can check out the game’s latest (and awesome) trailer to get a better idea if Dujanah is going to be something you might want to dabble in.