Duke Nukem Forever at Least 3x the Size of CoD

on February 14, 2011 9:31 AM

Duke Nukem Forever at Least 3x the Size of CoD

In a recent episode of GTTV, Gearbox Software’s, Randy Pitchford took a modest jab at the Call of Duty franchise. When describing the campaign length of Duke Nukem Forever he stated, “It’s like three or four Call of Dutys, right?” which would average to about 15-18 hours of gameplay. Almost everyone is familiar with the incredibly short CoD campaigns which last at best around six hours. But we play CoD for the multiplayer anyway right?

So was Randy Pitchford’s comment truly a jab at the CoD series or just “beefing” up Duke Nukem Forever? In the spirit of Duke Nukem, why not say both! There has already been a confirmed Halo Easter Egg in the game with a certain insult starting with the letter “P”. It makes no sense for CoD not to have a similar treatment besides Mr. Pitchford’s comment. Perhaps Duke could come upon an assortment of CoD games and go “What’s the difference?” in a humorous fashion?

With that said Mr. Pitchford finished his rant with “The game will speak for itself. I love it,” and let’s hope we do too. It’s been only what…11ish years of excruciating pain simply waiting for the games release? All puns/jokes aside, Duke Nukem Forever is releasing (SERIOUSLY) on May 3rd for the 360, PS3, and PC.

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