Duke Nukem Forever Gets the DLC We’ve All Been Clamoring For

on December 11, 2011 3:00 PM

I believe that EDF toy’s face expresses how most people feel about this development.

In a new piece of $10 DLC called “The Doctor Who Cloned Me”, Duke takes on an evil scientist from Area 51 who has been making evil Duke clones, so Duke has to fight them to save his “babes”, as per usual.

I’m rather confused as to why this… exists. Were there more levels cut out from the main game that they felt were decent enough to throw out as DLC? Was this completely produced by Gearbox themselves?

If the latter is true, there might be some hope for this. Interest in the game has dropped significantly since about a week after it came out, thankfully, and I was hoping that Gearbox would recognize that most people want to leave Duke in the realm of memory. Or 2K pressured them into it, which is very possible.

The Doctor Who Cloned Me will release this Tuesday, and it will also come with more multiplayer maps (to support the thriving DNF online community).

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