Dungeon Defenders Announced w/ 3DTV + Move Support

By Jon Ireson

August 25, 2010

Dungeon Defenders is what happens when tower defense and role playing game mechanics fall in love, get married, and pump out their first beautiful newborn. To put it mildly, this is one sexy looking game that could only have come from two hot parents such as TD and RPG. I’m personally not huge on tower defense, but it always had that potential in my mind and I’ve seen quite a number of decent TD concepts, this one absolutely takes the cake so far.

Perhaps the most obvious feature that should be pointed out which gamers are going to love is the drop-in, drop-out online and local multi-player hybrid model the game boasts. Play online with split-screen at the same time and join/leave at any moment to keep the action fresh, fun, and full. There will be castles to defend, towers to build (of course), and players take direct control of characters with the classic magic and weapons you’d expect as well as some less than common gear. And as always a game of the RPG nature just wouldn’t be an RPG without leveling up and treasure!

The basic concept is to defend your base as packs of enemies attack (think Gauntlet on steroids) and even bosses of epic proportions including an Ancient Dragon clamoring to join in on the madness. The art style is looking beautiful so far and one of the great things about Dungeon Defenders is the fact that everything you do is being tracked dynamically to provide real-time stats that go beyond your achievements to give you that in-depth report of just exactly what kind of damage you’ve been administering. If you are wondering why I’m so excited about this title heading to PC, consoles, and mobiles, you will want to hit the break for a further breakdown of this title’s features across various formats (including PC and PlayStation 3) accompanied by screens and a trailer featuring game-play!

On the PlayStation 3 side of things this title will be supporting the Move motion controller and stereoscopic 3D HD providing a cutting edge entertainment experience that you can be proud of. A pre-release demo has also been mentioned for release on the PSN by the founder of Trendy Entertainment Jeremy Stieglitz. The game may also hit other consoles so if you are hoping for a release on your console of choice, do not lose hope. There are also mobile versions coming soon.

Available for pre-order on Steam, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, and Impulse, the PC version of Dungeon Defenders will come with its own perks. Gaming gurus will be able to modify all game-play code and source content making their own add-ons, plug-ins, mods, and this will undoubtedly create a thriving community for the title in which twisted homebrew designers are let loose to put their own spin on the game. Being that this title is made with the Unreal Engine there is probably a lot that can be customized here.

Be sure to keep your eye out for much more announcements on this title as it draws close to its scheduled release window of Winter 2010. If you are a fan of role playing games, tower defense, or just plain old fun mini-game DLC titles, this one is something that merits your attention.

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