Dungeon Defenders Awakened Officially Leaves Early Access

Following a year in early access, Chromatic's remastering of the original Dungeon Defenders has launched, along with a huge new update.

Following its early access launch this year, Chromatic Games released Dungeon Defenders Awakened this week alongside its 1.0 update.

As a long-time Dungeon Defenders player, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this update, as previously Awakened was pretty bare-bones, and I often found myself going back to previous Dungeon Defenders titles to scratch my tower-defense itch. After all, Dungeon Defenders, Dungeon Defenders 2, and Dungeon Defenders Awakened have all been running simultaneously as they each have their advantages. The original has the most content at the cheapest price, the second game is free-to-play, and Awakened has a promising future with consistent updates coming.

With Awakened Chromatic is creating a complete remaster of their classic 2011 game. Awakened features the same levels and challenges from the original game, but adds some of the best features from Dungeon Defenders II. Personally, I love the addition of the hero deck, which allows players to level up to four characters simultaneously, and switch characters between waves creating more potent defenses.

The title has been playable in early access since February, and the 1.0 update gives players even more reason to jump in, introducing new UI, levels, game modes, difficulties, and achievements. Surprisingly, the game’s release also came with a price drop from $39.99 to $29.99. Currently, the classic Dungeon Defenders quartet of the apprentice, monk, squire, and huntress are playable, but Chromatic will undoubtedly release more characters in the future.

However, the 1.0 update has also come with some frustration. Early access players who’ve spent hundreds of hours in the game have been forced to restart, with their previous heroes now only playable in the game’s new legacy mode.

Although Awakened just launched, there is clearly a lot of work to be done, and a ton of content coming in the future. Keep reading DualShockers to hear about any important updates to Dungeon Defenders Awakened, and check out our upcoming review of the game.

Josh Starr

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