Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre Gets a Launch Trailer

on July 13, 2012 8:00 PM

Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre is an Xbox live arcade-only version of Nexon’s 2D Hack and Slash MMORPG. In the game players traverse  a 2D world Streets of Rage style scoring fancy combos through use of diverse character moves and utilization of good teamwork. The game is slightly derivative, as you’ll be able to point out some of gaming’s mainstays like hurricane kicks, energy blasts, and spinning piledrivers, but it all lends toward a strong experience with customizable controls and strong gameplay mechanics.

The Xbox live version of the game doesn’t boast the same features as the PC version, but you get a chance to play as the Slayer, a demon-armed swordsman; the Gunner, that does exactly as his name suggests; and the Fighter, a close-ranged martial artists that features strong strikes and powerful grabs. To celebrate its launch on Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Studios released a launch trailer. You can check it out below, Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre goes for 800 xbox live points. People may just want to play the PC version for free, but it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

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