Dungeon Fighter Online: Fall of Hendon Myre LIVE Gets Its First Update

By Paul LaCen

November 5, 2012

I’ve mentioned in the past how much I happen to love playing Dungeon Fighter. The beat-’em-up dungeon crawler manages to sneak its way back into my gaming schedule at least a few times a year, keeping me enraptured by its fluid gameplay and over the top classes for months at a time. It should come as no surprise then that I paid forFall of Hendon Myre LIVE. The prospect of playing DFO locally with friends or over xbox live could have been worth the ten dollar price tag.

Could have been. Wasn’t. Not counting the fact that Dungeon Fighter for the PC is free, I would have been entertained by a basic port of the first twenty levels of the game. Micosoft studios and Neople tried to give a nicer finish to the XBLA title, but the exchange for nicer backgrounds was the loss of the fluidity that makes Dungeon Fighter so entertaining. As a result, I haven’t touched the title, hoping that updates would improve the game.

Well the first update is here. It’s a bit light, but it does address some basic issues with the gameplay. According to the update notes, “The camera viewpoint has also been changed to a user-centered angle, allowing users to move freely and shift their character’s position without affecting other party members during online multi-play.  Players who move off the screen will be directed back to the action by an arrow indicating the location of the player. In addition, the control functions and stability have been improved to provide players with additional choices, such as pressing “X” while moving or during an attack to initiate the attack skill before the function to pick an item up is activated.”

In terms of new content, three additional difficulties were added to the Floating Gardens dungeon, currently the most challenging in the game. Every other dungeon already granted access to the expert, master, and king difficulties, so this update feels nominal at best. Either way, people who have picked up the game should grab the update.

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