Dungeon Fighter’s Revolution Update Brings A Fresh New Look, As Well As A New Class

on June 8, 2012 8:35 PM

Slated for June 27th, Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter Online “Revolution” update aims to freshen up the 2D Beat-Em-Up MMORPG title with fresh new aesthetic changes, new dungeons, and a brand new class. Fans that keep up to date with the game’s Korean big brother Dungeon & Fighter will immediately recognize this new character as the Male Mage. According to DFO’s story, the Male Mage was presumably killed in battle and sent to a limbo within “the Abyss”, a mysterious source of magical power that the Male Mage draws his strength from.

Due to the fact that the Male Mage is a new class, he will only initially have two class up options: The Elemental Bomber and The Glacial Master. Elemental Bomber is the Male Mage’s counterpart to the Female’s Mage’s Elementalist Class, and can infuse magical orbs that surround him to throw crippling elemental attacks at his enemies. The Glacial Master can summon ice and water in the form of physical weapons and AoE spells that utilize water geysers/spouts and ice clusters.

Along with the Male Mage, the Revolution update will include a resolution upgrade; the game will jump from 640×480 to 800×600. To accompany the game’s new resolution, the game will receive graphical updates to its UI, as well as brand new looking maps and updated town spots. Players will also receive new elective stat upgrades based on the number of Epic (Storyline) quests completed and a new way to sort and select titles. Up until now, titles were just items received either through purchase or completing certain quests and could be lost or destroyed like any other piece of equipment.

The update will hit in three weeks, just after DFO hits two years old. I exclusively play male physical classes, but I will be picking up a Glacial Master when the Revolution update hits in three weeks. In the meanwhile, you can check out gameplay trailers for the Elemental Bomber and Glacial Master.

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