Dungeon Keeper Remake Prevents You From Easily Rating Under 5 Stars

on February 6, 2014 10:32 PM

The mobile remake of Dungeon Keeper reportedly prevents users from easily rating it lower than 5 on the Google Store.

When trying to rate Dungeon Keeper from inside the game, players are given the option of either rating it 5 stars, or between 1 and 4, as seen in the below image.


Taking the 5 star options allows you to go the app’s page and give it a ranking, while taking the 1-4 star option instead brings up a message asking you to contact the company for feedback without displaying your rating on the game’s app page.

If you do take the 5 star option, you are still able to choose a different rating on the store page however.

A spokesperson for Mythic Games, EA’s studio for the new Dungeon Keeper has pointed to the game’s high rating on the store page as evidence that not all gamers are unhappy with the remake of the game.

We’re also seeing a lot of game downloads and in-game engagement so that tells us there is a large group of people who are playing and enjoying the game