#Dungeon Plans on Taking Hash-tagging to a Whole New Level

on February 15, 2014 6:49 PM

What happens when you combine the powers of social media with gaming? You get #Dungeon, an upcoming roguelike game that’s a sign of the times.

Unlike other games where content is updated automatically, #Dungeon updates are associated with the game’s Twitter account, which has players tweeting a code followed by #HashtagDungeon. The tweeted code will determine the contents of each dungeon and their position which generates a new level for the player.

Social media doesn’t just involve level-generating, the game will also use other social tie-ins, like players leaving messages for each other to see.

Don’t worry if you’re not Twitter-friendly, it’s not the only way to create dungeons, as the game will include a full editor, as well as the traditional leaderboard for players to rank each other’s levels.

#Dungeon is expected to release this summer for iOS and PC.

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