Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited - New Screens

By Yaris Gutierrez

April 14, 2010

There are some new images lingering on the Internet with regards to the recently released 4th content update for Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron Unlimited (DDO Unlimited, for those of you fond of acronyms) – and DualShockers has ’em. And yes, DDO is still alive and well, for those of you who are pessimistically wondering.

Update four introduced the Sentinels adventure pack for players of the MMO, along with dozens of new items to the DDO store. To add some social networking fun to the mix, a new Player Feed Facebook application was also added with the update. Along with the nifty little features I just mentioned the new update also introduces five new dungeons for players to immerse themselves in and… wait for it… zombie pirates! No, no this isn’t Pirates of the Caribbean (although it does seem oddly familiar); the five new dungeons introduced go hand-in-hand with the zombie pirates as it is these very undead folk whom you’ll be encountering most of the time in these new explorable areas.

Oh, and for those of you napping under a pile of rubble that wish to know a bit more about this game (if you know nothing about it), DDO Unlimited is absolutely free. No subscription, no game cards, no fees – ever. You can rock out with your Monk out for as long as you like without coughing up a single dime. You can thank Turbine for their awesomeness.

Check out the new images after the jump.

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