YouTube’s Dunkey Earns $25K For Charity By Suffering Through Super Seducer 2

YouTube’s Dunkey Earns $25K For Charity By Suffering Through Super Seducer 2

Popular YouTuber Dunkey gives us his playthrough of Super Seducer 2 after the game's creator Richard La Ruina offers a $25K donation to charity.

‘Tis the season for giving, I suppose, as popular YouTuber Videogamedunkey released a new video of a comedic playthrough of Super Seducer 2. This came to be after Super Seducer Creator, Richard La Ruina tweeted at Dunkey, requesting he make a video about Super Seducer 2. He wrote that if Dunkey made a video about his game that he would donate $25,000 to a charity of the YouTuber’s choice.

Please note, La Ruina is wearing a “KNACK II BABY” shirt.

Sure enough, after some time we got that video showcasing all of Super Seducer 2 in its meme-worthy glory. For those unaware of what the Super Seducer series is, it’s a sort of live-action dating sim starring Richard La Ruina. Players pick possible choices when interacting with women and if they are the wrong choice La Ruina personally says why that’s a bad choice. He upped the budget for the sequel and blew everything to an even more ridiculous scale.

Videogamedunkey’s video is already trending with roughly under half a million views and 52K likes since it published today. The charity that is looking to receive La Luna’s generous donation is the International Rescue Committee. Despite the headline, kudos to Richard and Dunkey for bringing people to laugh and helping out a good cause. Now let’s see what the future holds for the enigmatic video game developer with Super Seducer 3 already in the works.

This is far from the only charity venture that content creators are taking part in. In fact, we just reported that Twitch streamer DrLupo raised over a million dollars for St. Judes Children Research Hospital over the course of the year. Meanwhile, developer Rare is selling Sea of Thieves development-dog themed 2019 calendars for disability gaming charities.

If Dunkey’s playthrough of Super Seducer 2 somehow piqued your interest in the series, you can pick up the game, as well as the previous entry, now on Steam. You can watch the charity Dunkey video below: